A genericized version of picoCTF 2014 that can be easily adapted to host CTF or programming competitions.
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picoCTF-Platform 2

The picoCTF Platform 2 is the infrastructure on which picoCTF runs. The platform is designed to be easily adapted to other CTF or programming competitions.

picoCTF Platform 2 targets Ubuntu 14.04 LTS but should work on just about any "standard" Linux distribution. It would probably even work on Windows. MongoDB must be installed; all default configurations should work.

Setting Up

  1. Download VirtualBox (easiest, though others can work)
  2. Download Vagrant (vagrantup.com)
  3. vagrant up inside the repo
  4. Wait 20 minutes
  5. vagrant ssh to connect to the VM
  6. Run devploy to deploy the development version of the site
  7. Go to port 8080 on the Host Machine
  8. Remember to always use not localhost:8080

Note: The competition has two modes: competition active and competition inactive. In inactive mode, there are no problems and only registration is available. To change what mode the competition is in, edit api/api/config.py and change the competition dates such that the current date is either inside or outside the range of the competition dates.

Loading the Example Problems (In the vagrant VM)

  1. Run cd ~/api
  2. Run python3 api_manager.py -v problems load /vagrant/example_problems/ graders/ ../problem_static/
  3. Run python3 api_manager.py autogen build 100
  4. Run devploy

Running the Regression Tests

The platform comes with a series of regression tests that should be run before any change is committed to the API. To run the tests:

  1. vagrant ssh into your virtual machine.
  2. Run devploy to bring up an instance from your latest code.
  3. To be able to import the API, cd api and run the tests with ./run_tests.sh

All tests should pass with your changes.

Getting Started

A detailed explanation of the basics of the picoCTF Platform 2 can be found in our Getting Started Guide.


We are happy to help but no support is guaranteed.

Authors: Jonathan Burket, Tim Becker, Chris Ganas

Copyright: Carnegie Mellon University

License: MIT

Credits: David Brumley, Tim Becker, Chris Ganas, Peter Chapman, Jonathan Burket

Email: opensource@picoctf.com