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<?xml version="1.0"?>
<ruleset name="Pico">
Pico's coding standards mainly base on the PHP-FIG PSR-2 standard,
but without the MissingNamespace sniff.
Run on current working directory by default
Exclude _build/ and vendor/ dirs as well as minified JavaScript files
<exclude-pattern type="relative">^_build/</exclude-pattern>
<exclude-pattern type="relative">^vendor/</exclude-pattern>
Check files for PHP syntax errors
<config name="php_path" value="php"/>
<rule ref="Generic.PHP.Syntax"/>
Never use deprecated functions,
as they will be removed in future PHP releases
<rule ref="Generic.PHP.DeprecatedFunctions"/>
Warn about structures which affect performance negatively
<rule ref="Generic.CodeAnalysis.ForLoopWithTestFunctionCall"/>
Pico follows PHP-FIG PSR-2 Coding Style,
but doesn't use formal namespaces for historic reasons
<rule ref="PSR2">
<exclude name="PSR1.Classes.ClassDeclaration.MissingNamespace"/>