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Pico Changelog

Version 1.0.5

Released: -

* [Changed] Improve documentation
* [Fixed] Improve hostname detection with proxies

Version 1.0.4

Released: 2016-10-04

* [New] Add Pico's social icons to default theme
* [Changed] Improve documentation
* [Changed] Add CSS flexbox rules to default theme
* [Fixed] Fix handling of non-YAML 1-line front matters
* [Fixed] Fix responsiveness in default theme

Version 1.0.3

Released: 2016-05-11

* [Changed] Improve documentation
* [Changed] Heavily extend nginx configuration docs
* [Changed] Add CSS rules for definition lists to default theme
* [Changed] Always use `on404Content...` execution path when serving a ``
* [Changed] Deny access to `.git` directory, ``, `composer.json`
            and `composer.lock` (`.htaccess` file)
* [Changed] Use Pico's `` to deny access to `.git`, `config`, `content`,
*           `content-sample`, `lib` and `vendor` dirs (`.htaccess` file)
* [Fixed] #342: Fix responsiveness in default theme
* [Fixed] #344: Improve HTTPS detection with proxies
* [Fixed] #346: Force HTTPS to load Google Fonts in default theme

Version 1.0.2

Released: 2016-03-16

* [Changed] Various small improvements and changes...
* [Fixed] Check dependencies when a plugin is enabled by default
* [Fixed] Allow `Pico::$requestFile` to point to somewhere outside `content_dir`
* [Fixed] #336: Fix `Date` meta header parsing with ISO-8601 datetime strings

Version 1.0.1

Released: 2016-02-27

* [Changed] Improve documentation
* [Changed] Replace `version_compare()` with `PHP_VERSION_ID` in
            `index.php.dist` (available since PHP 5.2.7)
* [Fixed] Suppress PHP warning when using `date_default_timezone_get()`
* [Fixed] #329: Force Apache's `MultiViews` feature to be disabled

Version 1.0.0

Released: 2015-12-24

* [New] On Christmas Eve, we are happy to announce Pico's first stable release!
        The Pico Community wants to thank all contributors and users who made
        this possible. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2016!
* [New] Adding `$queryData` parameter to `Pico::getPageUrl()` method
* [Changed] Improve documentation
* [Changed] Moving `LICENSE` to ``
* [Changed] Throw `LogicException` instead of `RuntimeException` when calling
            `Pico::setConfig()` after processing has started
* [Changed] Default theme now highlights the current page and shows pages with
            a title in the navigation only
* [Changed] #292: Ignore YAML parse errors (meta data) in `Pico::readPages()`
* [Changed] Various small improvements and changes...
* [Fixed] Support empty meta header
* [Fixed] #307: Fix path handling on Windows

Version 1.0.0-beta.2

Released: 2015-11-30

* [New] Introducing the `PicoTwigExtension` Twig extension
* [New] New `markdown` filter for Twig to parse markdown strings; Note: If you
        want to parse the contents of a page, use the `content` filter instead
* [New] New `sort_by` filter to sort an array by a specified key or key path
* [New] New `map` filter to get the values of the given key or key path
* [New] Introducing `index.php.dist` (used for pre-bundled releases)
* [New] Use PHP_CodeSniffer to auto-check source code (see `.phpcs.xml`)
* [New] Use Travis CI to generate phpDocs class docs automatically
* [Changed] Improve documentation
* [Changed] Improve table styling in default theme
* [Changed] Update composer version constraints; almost all dependencies will
            have pending updates, run `composer update`
* [Changed] Throw a RuntimeException when the `content` dir isn't accessible
* [Changed] Reuse `ParsedownExtra` object; new `onParsedownRegistration` event
* [Changed] `$config['rewrite_url']` is now always available
* [Changed] `DummyPlugin` class is now final
* [Changed] Remove `.git` dirs from `vendor/` when deploying
* [Changed] Various small improvements and changes...
* [Fixed] `PicoDeprecated`: Sanitize `content_dir` and `base_url` options when
          reading `config.php` in Picos root dir
* [Fixed] Replace `urldecode()` (deprecated RFC 1738) with `rawurldecode()`
          (RFC 3986) in `Page::evaluateRequestUrl()`
* [Fixed] #272: Encode URLs using `rawurlencode()` in `Pico::getPageUrl()`
* [Fixed] #274: Prevent double slashes in `base_url`
* [Fixed] #285: Make `index.php` work when installed as a composer dependency
* [Fixed] #291: Force `Pico::$requestUrl` to have no leading/trailing slash

Version 1.0.0-beta.1

Released: 2015-11-06

Note: This changelog only provides basic information about the enormous changes introduced with Pico 1.0.0-beta.1. Please refer to the UGPRADE section of the docs for details.

* [Security] (9e2604a) Prevent content_dir breakouts using malicious URLs
* [New] Pico is on its way to its first stable release!
* [New] Provide pre-bundled releases
* [New] Heavily expanded documentation (inline code docs, user docs, dev docs)
* [New] New routing system using the QUERY_STRING method; Pico now works
        out-of-the-box with any webserver and without URL rewriting; use
        `%base_url%?sub/page` in markdown files and `{{ "sub/page"|link }}`
        in Twig templates to declare internal links
* [New] Brand new plugin system with dependencies (see `PicoPluginInterface`
        and `AbstractPicoPlugin`); if you're plugin dev, you really should
        take a look at the UPGRADE section of the docs!
* [New] Introducing the `PicoDeprecated` plugin to maintain full backward
        compatibility with Pico 0.9 and Pico 0.8
* [New] Support YAML-style meta header comments (`---`)
* [New] Various new placeholders to use in content files (e.g. `%site_title%`)
* [New] Provide access to all meta headers in content files (`%meta.*%`)
* [New] Provide access to meta headers in `$page` arrays (`$page['meta']`)
* [New] The file extension of content files is now configurable
* [New] Add `Pico::setConfig()` method to predefine config variables
* [New] Supporting per-directory `` files
* [New] #103: Providing access to `` even when the `sub` directory
        exists, provided that there is no `sub/`
* [New] #249: Support the `.twig` file extension for templates
* [New] #268, 269: Now using Travis CI; performing basic code tests and
        implementing an automatic release process
* [Changed] Complete code refactoring
* [Changed] Source code now follows PSR code styling
* [Changed] Replacing constants (e.g. `ROOT_DIR`) with constructor parameters
* [Changed] Paths (e.g. `content_dir`) are now relative to Pico's root dir
* [Changed] Adding `Pico::run()` method that performs Pico's processing and
            returns the rendered contents
* [Changed] Renaming all plugin events; adding some new events
* [Changed] `Pico_Plugin` is now the fully documented `DummyPlugin`
* [Changed] Meta data must start on the first line of the file now
* [Changed] Dropping the need to register meta headers for the convenience of
            users and pure (!) theme devs; plugin devs are still REQUIRED to
            register their meta headers during `onMetaHeaders`
* [Changed] Exclude inaccessible files from pages list
* [Changed] With alphabetical order, index files (e.g. `sub/`) are
            now always placed before their sub pages (e.g. `sub/`)
* [Changed] Pico requires PHP >= 5.3.6 (due to `erusev/parsedown-extra`)
* [Changed] Pico now implicitly uses a existing `content` directory without
            the need to configure this in the `config/config.php` explicitly
* [Changed] Composer: Require a v0.7 release of `erusev/parsedown-extra`
* [Changed] Moving `license.txt` to `LICENSE`
* [Changed] Moving and reformatting `changelog.txt` to ``
* [Changed] #116: Parse meta headers using the Symfony YAML component
* [Changed] #244: Replace opendir() with scandir()
* [Changed] #246: Move `config.php` to `config/` directory
* [Changed] #253: Assume HTTPS if page is requested through port 443
* [Changed] A vast number of small improvements and changes...
* [Fixed] Sorting by date now uses timestamps and works as expected
* [Fixed] Fixing `$currentPage`, `$nextPage` and `$previousPage`
* [Fixed] #99: Support content filenames with spaces
* [Fixed] #140, #241: Use file paths as page identifiers rather than titles
* [Fixed] #248: Always set a timezone; adding `$config['timezone']` option
* [Fixed] A vast number of small bugs...
* [Removed] Removing the default Twig cache dir
* [Removed] Removing various empty `index.html` files
* [Removed] Removing `$pageData['excerpt']`; recoverable with `PicoExcerpt`
* [Removed] #93, #158: Pico doesn't parse all content files anymore; moved to
            `PicoParsePagesContent`; i.e. `$pageData['content']` doesn't exist
            anymore, use `$pageData['raw_content']` when possible; otherwise
            use Twigs new `content` filter (e.g. `{{ "sub/page"|content }}`)

Version 0.9

Released: 2015-04-28

* [New] Default theme is now mobile-friendly
* [New] Description meta now available in content areas
* [New] Add description to composer.json
* [Changed] content folder is now content-sample
* [Changed] config.php moved to config.php.template
* [Changed] Updated documentation & wiki
* [Changed] Removed Composer, Twig files in /vendor, you must run composer
            install now
* [Changed] Localized date format; strftime() instead of date()
* [Changed] Added ignore for tmp file extensions in the get_files() method
* [Changed] michelf/php-markdown is replaced with erusev/parsedown-extra
* [Changed] $config is no global variable anymore
* [Fixed] Pico now only removes the 1st comment block in .md files
* [Fixed] Issue wherein the alphabetical sorting of pages did not happen

Version 0.8

Released: 2013-10-23

* [New] Added ability to set template in content meta
* [New] Added before_parse_content and after_parse_content hooks
* [Changed] content_parsed hook is now deprecated
* [Changed] Moved loading the config to nearer the beginning of the class
* [Changed] Only append ellipsis in limit_words() when word count exceeds max
* [Changed] Made private methods protected for better inheritance
* [Fixed] Fixed get_protocol() method to work in more situations

Version 0.7

Released: 2013-09-04

* [New] Added before_read_file_meta and get_page_data plugin hooks to customize
        page meta data
* [Changed] Make get_files() ignore dotfiles
* [Changed] Make get_pages() ignore Emacs and temp files
* [Changed] Use composer version of Markdown
* [Changed] Other small tweaks
* [Fixed] Date warnings and other small bugs

Version 0.6.2

Released: 2013-05-07

* [Changed] Replaced glob_recursive with get_files

Version 0.6.1

Released: 2013-05-07

* [New] Added "content" and "excerpt" fields to pages
* [New] Added excerpt_length config setting

Version 0.6

Released: 2013-05-06

* [New] Added plugin functionality
* [Changed] Other small cleanup

Version 0.5

Released: 2013-05-03

* [New] Added ability to order pages by "alpha" or "date" (asc or desc)
* [New] Added prev_page, current_page, next_page and is_front_page template vars
* [New] Added "Author" and "Date" title meta fields
* [Changed] Added "twig_config" to settings
* [Changed] Updated documentation
* [Fixed] Query string 404 bug

Version 0.4.1

Released: 2013-05-01

* [New] Added CONTENT_EXT global
* [Changed] Use .md files instead of .txt

Version 0.4

Released: 2013-05-01

* [New] Add get_pages() function for listing content
* [New] Added changelog.txt
* [Changed] Updated default theme
* [Changed] Updated documentation

Version 0.3

Released: 2013-04-27

* [Fixed] get_config() function

Version 0.2

Released: 2013-04-26

* [Changed] Updated Twig
* [Changed] Better checking for HTTPS
* [Fixed] Add 404 header to 404 page
* [Fixed] Case sensitive folder bug

Version 0.1

Released: 2012-04-04

* Initial release