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Pico Wiki

You can use the menu on the right-hand side to navigate the various different sections of the Pico wiki.


Pico maintains several categories of documentation on the project.

  • User Docs, basic documentation, installation, and help for all Pico users.
  • Developer Docs, detailed documentation for novice and advanced plugin/theme developers.
  • Class Docs, for documentation of Pico's core and all associated classes, methods, etc...

There is also a Solutions Cookbook of examples that provide problems and solutions for common tasks that arise when using Pico.


Pico is highly customizable through plugins and themes which extend the functionality of Pico and make it even more awesome. If you are a plugin or theme developer/designer who has created content for Pico, make sure you add it to the wiki!


  • Plugins Wiki, pre-made Plugins to extend Pico's default behaviour.


  • Themes Wiki, pre-made Themes to change Pico's appearance.


Don't ever feel like your input isn't important. Pico hadn't been actively maintained or developed in a year before Pico 0.9, and Pico 1.0.x were released. All of our contributions (no matter how small or large) are the only thing keeping Pico alive-- so if you're interested in seeing Pico grow and flourish, contribute away!

You want to contribute to Pico? We really appreciate that! You can help make Pico better by contributing code or reporting issues, but please take note of our contribution guidelines.

In general you can contribute to Pico in three different areas:

  • Plugins & Themes: You’re a plugin developer or theme designer? We love you guys! You can find tons of information about how to develop plugins and themes at If you have created a plugin or theme, please add it to our Wiki, either on the plugins or themes page. Doing so, we may select and promote your plugin or theme on our website as officially supported!

  • Documentation: We always appreciate people improving our documentation. You can either improve the inline user docs or the more extensive user docs on our website. You can also improve the docs for plugin and theme developers. Simply fork Pico from GitHub, change the Markdown files and open a pull request.

  • Pico’s Core: The supreme discipline is to work on Pico’s Core. Your contribution should help every Pico user to have a better experience with Pico. If this is the case, fork Pico from GitHub and open a pull request. We look forward to your contribution!

★ Showcase ★

Be sure to checkout our Pico Showcase -- it's chalked full of stunning sites made with Pico & ♥!






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