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★ Plugins for Pico 1.0 and later ★



  • PicoPygments (also here) - Adds Pygments syntax highlighting to code blocks. Pygments is up-to-date with both lexers and styles and, IMHO, the best server-side solution.
  • PicoGeSHi (also here) - Adds GeSHi syntax highlighting to code blocks. Pure PHP, faster than PicoPygments, but some lexers are way outdated.
  • Pico Nested Pages (Updated) - Fork of Pico Nested Pages with updates for Pico 2.0.
  • Pico Editor - Yet another fork of simple admin page editor/manager for >= Pico 2.1.
  • PicoAuth - Provides various means of authentication and authorization to pages (user accounts, OAuth 2.0 login, access control, page locks).
  • PicoLock - A simple "hide your Pico CMS website behind a password" plugin.
  • Pico Users - Users/rights management system for private pages with login/logout and 403-Unauthorized page.
  • Pico Content Editor - A WYSIWYG content editor.
  • Pico Collection - A collection of plugins set to work with the 3.0 Pico API.
  • Pico Output - Output the page content or data as raw, html, json or xml.
  • Pico Pages List - Navigation, nested pages and pages filtering.
  • Pico Pages Images - Access images corresponding to the current page.
  • P01contact - Fully featured contact forms, with a simple syntax.
  • Pico Categorized Pages - Automatically sort and categorize your pages based on your content folder structure and file header.
  • Pico Contact Modal - Contact form in a modal for sites with bootstrap theme.
  • Pico Debug - A debugging tool for Pico.
  • Pico Edit - A simple admin for Pico with pages/404/options editor
    • Pico Edit Mobile - A mobile-friendly fork of Pico Edit
    • Pico Edit - Another fork with added functionality of direct editing config.yml file instead overwriting it
    • Pico Edit - Yet another fork with support for non-alphabetic characters such as CJK in folder and page names
  • Pico Embed - Embed YouTube videos in wordpress-like shortcode format.
  • Pico Video Embed - Embed PeerTube, Vimeo and YouTube videos responsively in shortcode format.
  • Pico GAnalytics - Google Analytics plugin with basic options.
  • Pico GitHub Activity - Add your public GitHub activity feed to Pico.
  • Pico Gzip - Enables Gzip compression on your pages.
  • Pico Images - Work with images within a Pico CMS theme.
  • Pico Index Fallback - Fallback when file does not exist.
  • Pico Menu Hiding - Hide pages in the Pico menu.
  • Pico Minify - Simple plugin to minify the HTML output (0.x/1.x)
  • Pico Random Page - Enable a link to go to a random page on your site.
  • Pico Resize - Automatically create resized images
  • Pico Responsive Images - Add Markdown syntax for lazy loading images or use the HTML5 srcset attribute to provide more than once source image per image element.
  • Pico RssMaker - Generates an RSS feed for pages with a date.
  • Pico Search - Basic search for pages on your site.
  • PicoZCache (also here) - Caches pages in your website to .html files. Staggeringly fast loading times!
    Fixed some bugs, added functionality. Tried to bring together all the good things from various forks, and more.
  • Pico Cache - Caches pages in your website to .html files. Plugin has a serious bug. A pull request exists, which the author hasn't merged for 2.5 years.
  • Pico Image Cacher - Stores all externally hosted images in a folder in your assets dir and rewrites the images urls
  • Pico Tags - Add tags and tag filters to your pages.
  • Pico XML Sitemap - Generate a valid XML Sitemap of your Pico install.
  • Pico Ampia - Provides support for Google AMP and Facebook Instant Articles for your site.
  • Pico TooManyPages - For sites with hundreds to thousands of pages, greatly improve performance by skipping the auto menu.
  • Pico CurrentLevel - Display only pages on the current level in the directory hierarchy and provide a TWIG function for breadcrumbs.
  • PicoTableOfContent (also here) - Generates a table of contents for the current page, adds backlinks to headers and a separate stylesheet.
  • Pico Table of Contents - Generates a table of contents for the current page.
  • Pico Table of Contents - Automatically generates a table of contents based on the elements <h1> to <h6> of your page.
  • Pico Html Sitemap
  • Pico HashTag - Highlights #hashtags in your site
  • Pico Random - Adds random text and/or image to your site
  • Pico PHP Info - Displays the phpinfo() within you site.
  • Pico PageImage - Image and thumbnail image for the pages array and the meta.
  • Pico Force UTF-8 - If you don't have access to change charset header to UTF-8 via .htaccess or php.ini.
  • Pico Apache Info - Displays the apache_get_version(), apache_get_modules(), apache_request_headers() and apache_response_headers() within you site.
  • Pico FB Comments - Like the one below but updated with more flexibility.
  • Pico Share Buttons - Add share buttons powered by service.
  • Pico Open Graph - Like the one under "Authentication" below but updated with work with current Pico version.
  • Pico Old Links Redirect - Allow you to set up a redirect mapping to keep old links working if you migrated from other CMS or static.
  • Pico Tumblr Gallery - Create galleries from tagged Tumblr image posts.
  • Pico UI: Card - Display a Card UI box, typically used for homepage or menu pages to show featured content on your site.
  • Pico UI: Carousel - Display a Carousel UI box, typically used for homepage or menu pages to show featured content on your site.
  • PicoTargetBlank (also here) - opens external links in a new tab and marks them.
  • PicoSuggestedLinks - Display a "Recommended links" module at the bottom of pages, containing a randomized list of links you define.
  • ForceHttpsPlugin - A plugin to force the use of https protocol.
  • Asset Data - Provides information about folder contents to Twig templates.
  • PicoMailForms - Write forms in markdown and send mails. Specify custom success and error messages, send mails to a operator, enable Bootstrap forms
  • PicoPageFolders - Organizes pages in folders and provides multi language support.
  • PicoFileTime - Adds the last write time to the page meta.
  • GrabAssets - Gets you a list of all your assets in a nice big array.
  • MarkdownMacros - Allows the user to create macros that can be embedded in Markdown files.
  • PicoAssetsModPlugin - Registers a Twig filter to add a asset's file modification time to an asset URL (e.g. stylesheets).
  • FigureExtParsedownPicoPlugin - Uses Krzysztof Antoniak's FigureExtParsedown Parsedown plugin in Pico to wrap Markdown images in <figure> elements.
  • Pico ExternalData Plugin and TwigStringLoader Plugin - include external API data (or the metda data from an internal pico page) and render it directly in your content with Twig templating language.
  • Pico MySQLList - A simple plugin to fetch data in a MySQL database and put fields values into markdown.
  • Pico MySQLGraph - A simple plugin to fetch data in a MySQL database and draw SVG charts.
  • Pico CSVGraph - A simple plugin to fetch data from csv file and draw SVG charts.
  • Pico Yet Another Linker - A plugin to add the ability to create links with less typing in Markdown.
  • Pico Redirect - A simple Pico plugin to create redirection pages to arbitrary URLs.
  • Pico Image Processor - Scaling images down to increase performance
  • Pico Charts - A plugin to show charts or graphs dynamically and easily by Graphviz
  • PicoYncludeRaw (also here) - injects raw file contents into content after it has been processed.


  • Pico Placing - Place the pages in any order in the Pico menu.
    • Use Pico's config parameters pages_order_by_meta and pages_order_by: meta to sort pages by any custom meta value
  • Pico QueryParamProvider - Makes URL query parameters accessible to the twig templates.
  • Pico Parse Pages Content - Parses the Markdown contents of all your pages.
    • Use Pico's content Twig filter instead (e.g. {{ "sub/page"|content }})
  • Pico Excerpt - Creates excperts of all your pages.
    • Use Pico's Description meta header instead (use the %meta.description% Markdown placeolder and the {{ meta.description }} Twig variable)

Plugins for Pico 0.X [deprecated]

Plugins made for Pico 0.X may still work with Pico 1.0 and later, however, you'll have to try them yourself. If you encounter any problems, please contact the plugin's developer by opening a new Issue in the plugin's GitHub repository and ask them to upgrade his plugin to Pico's latest major release.


  • Pico Sections - Divide your content into different sections
  • Pico Tags - Adds /tag/ url, that allows displaying pages with only given tag - deprecated
  • Pico Editor - A markdown editor and file manager for Pico.

If you have created your own plugin for Pico, please feel free to add it here.