Pico Themes

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★ Themes for Pico 1.0 ★

  • Bits and Pieces - Turn Pico into a personal Wiki/KB front-end
  • bt-theme - Start Bootstrap, Simple Sidebar.
  • identity - HTML5UP Identity Template
  • just-pico - A simple PureCSS theme with templates for: pages, blog, blog-item and gallery
  • Magazine - Magazine : Blogging Theme for Pico CMS
  • NotePaper - Dark wood grain, lined paper, and sticky note widgets.
  • pico-jonbeckett - Minimalist Bootstrap theme with Disqus and Google Analytics integration.
  • simpleTwo - Simple, minimalistic theme with two columns.
  • Single - Pico CMS theme for personal sites
  • Hold - Personal Profile Theme for Pico CMS
  • Personal - Free Pico CMS theme that is good for resume and vcard websites.
  • Clean Blog - A clean, Bootstrap blog theme for Pico CMS
  • Launch - Coming Soon Theme For Pico CMS
  • Story - A simple & clean, Bootstrap blog theme for Pico
  • Launcher - A Coming Soon Theme For Pico

Themes for Pico 0.X: [depreciated]


  • Pico Navigation - Redesigned Default Theme for Pico with a better navigation.


  • Pico Blank - Blank blog theme for Pico.
  • Pico Pure - Simple flat and responsive blog theme for Pico.
  • Pico UIKit - Simple UI Kit theme with plugin.
  • Pico FlatUI - Simple FlatUI + Bootstrap inspired blog theme.
  • The Letter - Simple responsive blog theme for one to many authors. Letter pages and leather.



If you have created your own theme for Pico, please feel free to add it here.