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mojo2012 commented Feb 21, 2012

What bugs me a little bit about this new (and really cool!) UI toolkit is the fact, that there is no designer available.

I really like WinForms designer and to minor extent the Xcode Interface Builder.

It makes life so much easier in many cases, if you simply can drag widgets to a form and change their properties in a property panel.

I see these options:

  • Implement a new designer app
  • Create a converter, e.g to convert XIB files, WinForms Designer code etc
  • Use existing designers, eg wxFormBuilder or Stetic GTK Designer

This would greatly improve productivity


cwensley commented Feb 21, 2012

Creating a converter from Stetic or WinForms is a great idea and possibly not too much work.

It's too bad Xaml support in mono is not yet complete (though I may work on that, it is close). A converter may be able to be created to generate either code OR xaml though, so when xaml is ready it'll be done.. and it'd give people options.

RBM-GITHUB commented Feb 7, 2017 edited

Is this going to be worked on a new branch or a separate repo?

Wait, is this still up?


cwensley commented Feb 7, 2017


This issue is basically tracking a "drag 'n drop" designer, where we already have a preview of xaml/json/code in Visual Studio and Xamarin Studio (albeit with a few issues that should hopefully be fixed soon).

I don't know if a d'n'd designer is really necessary for Eto.Forms, however if someone wants to work on that, I'm open to any contributions.. hence is why this is "up for grabs". (;



Thanks for replying. Are separated UI available anyway? Like, there's XAML for WPF?

And if I fully understood how Eto thing works then I will definitely work on that (external dedicated designer) because I want it so seriously :~)

  • DISCLAIMER: I've never been a professional software developer or ever done a serious project.


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