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Support for an OpenGL Render Control. #39

azunyuuuuuuu opened this Issue · 5 comments

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In short: is there any kind of OpenGL Render Control planned which is being used in conjunction with OpenTK?


Wasn't specifically planned, but easy enough to do. It looks like OpenTK is MIT licensed so it would fit well with Eto.Forms.

There might be some complications though, as you'd have to compile your app with different references based on the target platform, unless Eto.Forms had a wrapper of sorts around OpenTK, which I would not necessarily like to do.


I have observed that you have separate platform DLLs for Windows, Gtk and Mac, couldn't that be the location for placing the platform specific code.
to use OpenTK you will need to reference one common platform independent OpenTK.dll and one platform specific whose code could be added to the existing Eto.Platform.*.dll since those most likely already contain the necessary references.

I have been working with modifying and stripping down a fork of OpenTK found at
But be warned that fork has some major modifications that makes it incompatible with the original Opentk project(mainly using column vectors).

Still the part I'm talking about has not changed in that regard, specifically the projects OpenTK.GLControl and OpenTK.GLWidget for Windows and Gtk respectively, I guess a similar one could be made for Mac but currently the only implementation is from the original OpenTK gamewindow class.


Indeed, that would be a way to do that.


I looked at this a little - It is unfortunate that MonoMac uses a custom OpenTK built into MonoMac.dll.. We may have to create a wrapper around the whole API, which would be unfortunate


Progress has been made on an OpenGL control for eto here:

@SuperNova2150 SuperNova2150 referenced this issue in LogicAndTrick/sledge

Cross-Platform UI Suggestion #212

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