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Dev Diary / Postmortem

Coding Golf - Broken Links

Coding Golf - Broken Links

This was my third game jam entry, and my fourth HTML5/JS game. My first from JS13k 2018 is available here Planet Figadore has gone OFFLINE and my second from JS13k 2019 is available here BACKSPACE - Return to planet Figadore.

As in previous years, just before the theme was announced I created a new project template with updated build and minify steps from my entry last year.

Once the theme was announced I had a bit of a thought about the kind of game I could create to fit the theme, these are some of my initial notes/ideas ..

404 as numbers

  • hex is 0x194
  • octal is 624
  • Roman numerals is CDIV
  • The year 404 AD was Chinese year of water rabbit into wood dragon
  • 404 AD was the year of last known gladiator fight in Rome
  • 404 AD was a leap year starting on Friday (Julian calendar)
  • 404 years ago was 1616, this was also leap year starting on Friday (Gregorian calendar)

404 as words based on "not found"

  • absent
  • invisible
  • misplaced
  • away
  • missing
  • removed
  • vanished

Game ideas

  • Golf game - A nod to code golfing, maybe call the course "Missing Links". With procedural (based on predictable RNG) trees / landscapes / hills. Maybe using Simplex/Perlin noise. Some 3D gravity/acceleration with wind and other hazards.
  • Driving game - Always wanted to do a driving game. Some kind of race or chase to get a missing trophy back. With procedural buildings / scenery. Power-ups and boosts.
  • Treasure hunting island hopping platformer - I've previously made a 2D platformer, I like the idea of having multiple islands where you need to solve a puzzle to move to the next island.
  • Ninja heist game - Where you need to break in to a fortress to retrive a stolen artefact. The ninja can become invisble using scenery to hide in plain sight from guards. Some fighting required when spotted.
  • Flight sim - A low res 3D flying simulator. Things keep getting misplaced, and you need to fly around searching for them to return them to their owners. Possibly helicopter based (would make landings easier), or there is an aeroplane called the Martin 4-0-4.

Here is a rough diary of progress as posted on Twitter and taken from notes and commit logs..

13th August

Just getting some game ideas together before starting to do coding experiments. Seems like a tricky theme this year.

14th August

Sploosh Kaboom

Decided there will be some aspect of predictable random number generation in my game. I liked reading the blog about Wichmann-Hill RNG being used by Sploosh Kaboom mini game in GC The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker and decided to implement it in JS.

15th August


Decided to go with my first idea of a golf game for my JS13k game so have been learning golf terms/jargon and mechanics in preparation. Playing a few rounds of Everybody's Golf on the Sony PSP. Going to name my game "Coding Golf - Broken Links".

16th August

Added default styling, canvas, gamestate and startup code. Also fixed display area to 1280x720 resolution with auto resizing to fill the available area but keeping the resolution and aspect ratio (this adds black bars when the aspect ratio doesn't match). Upon resize the play area is centered in view. I may detect portrait and rotate as appropriate for mobile play.

17th August

Ball flight

I've had a go at modeling the golf ball in filght, and it's moving along nicely. Affected by gravity, air resistance and friction. Next to add random(ish) wind, then on to terrain generation. Shown above is the side-on physics view, I also ended up doing a top-down representation using the positioning from the physics ball.

18th August

Added some basic wind processing. This is to blow the player's ball off course slightly and so add a small level of difficulty.

19th August


Playing about with ideas for the course generator. I want to convert the 2D courses into a 3D representation which can be navigated in 3D. Trying to work out all the maths involved in generating the 3D meshes.

20th August

More work on course generator. The 2D courses are simply a collection of segments running from left to right at different random heights but with a bias towards being close to the previous segment. They are drawn with canvas using a wide line width with rounded ends so that they join up.

21st August

At this point I was having a lot of difficulty with the 2D to 3D conversion and so decided to stick with 2D for now so that I could concentrate on adding the rest of the gameplay, with a thought to come back to 3D later on if I felt there was enough time. Added representation of tee and hole to course generator. Added keyboard and gamepad libraries from my previous JS13k gamejam entries.

22nd August

Swing meter

Added a basic golf swing meter. Key to start, then again to select power percentage, finally one more press to determine accuracy (hook / perfect / slice). Did some research into different golf clubs including optimal distance in yards and typical loft values.

23rd August

Added 8bit font and writer (from my 2018 JS13k entry), updated for use on canvas. Filter out keyboard repeats, so that a key has to be released before being detected as pressed again (otherwise selecting a club goes through the whole list in an instant). Reduced speed of failed power selection on swing meter as it was too fast.

24th August

Improved pixel spacings of rendered text, as there were holes in between pixels. Added scale/club max distance to swing meter. Reduced swing speed. Allow <0% and >100% on swing meter. Reset power/accuracy on each swing. Draw position of selected power on swing meter. Allow changing club. Show selected club name.

25th August

Added writing text with shadow. More work on course generator. Added timeline library (from my 2018 JS13k entry), which I've extended to include looping. Stop wind affecting ball when it's on the ground - otherwise we can wait for the ball to stop moving for AGES.

26th August

Added wind direction and speed indicators to HUD to give player a chance adjust their swing direction and power to compensate.

27th August

Golf ball

"THAT'S NO MOON". Created my first 3D model of a golf ball. This is a low poly cuboctahedron, aka Coriolis Space Station (inspried by BBC Micro game Elite). This is intended to be shown really small, so doesn't matter that it has rough edges.

28th August

Golf club

At the half way point now. Added golf club and golf flag 3D models based on models. I converted from .OBJ to my own 3D mesh format. Added "Fore Oh Fore" upon hit - to tie in with the theme more, the term Fore in golf refers to a warning shouted to anyone who may be in the path of the flight of the golf ball.

2nd September

Decided that rather than add sand and water hazards to courses, each hole will be on an island and therefore is surrounded by a water hazard. Wind now has a 3D vector, although it's only really useful in a 2D plane as head/tail and side winds. Further attempts to convert 2D generated course into 3D aren't much better so ditched 3D courses as I'm spending way to much of my limited time budget on this feature.

3rd September

Added scoreboard to be shown between each hole. This is to break up the play a little and give the player an indication of progress.

4th September

More work on scoreboard.

7th September

Centered course horizontally in view so that short courses aren't bunched up on the left. Added stroke result text, e.g. Birdie/Bogey/Eagle/Hole-In-One, e.t.c. Cache generated course segments. Calculate par. Added info box. Make green visible. Show heading. Added rotation of heading. Add random heading change +/- 5% on overhit. Determine heading adjustments based on swingmeter. Hide swingmeter when struck.

8th September

Ball position now separated into top down and side on views. Ball now moves on topdown course. Displayed ball size adjusts when in flight (based on physicals ball height). Detect ball going in (or very near hole) to move on to next course. Generate all holes at init, so the par values can be calculated for scoreboard. Separated generating and drawing of holes. Handle drop in water (detected by reading pixel value of course when hitting ground) with a SPLOOSH message, ball replaced where struck and stoke counted. Don't display scores on scoreboard for holes yet to play. Don't redraw course on every frame - I think this was causing slower performance.

9th September

Added looping music, which may become annoying as it's quite short, based on "The Chrysanthemum" by Scott Joplin as used in BBC Micro game Repton 2. I wrote some code to extract the note values from the BBC Micro game files and then convert this to JS to play back with a tiny player inspired by Xem's miniMusic. Double heading rotation speed as it feels a bit slow. Don't allow swing meter interaction whilst scoreboard is showing. Added terrain and ball shadows to make the game feel a bit more 3D. Added drawing of flag and random sand traps. Allow ball to plop into hole rather than only rolling in. Change wind direction randomly between each shot. Added title screen and game states. To allow playing with the mouse, the mouse wheel now rotates heading.

10th September

Added a second piece of music, "Black & White Rag" by George Botsford as used in BBC Micro game Repton 1, to break the monotony. Testing gamepads (felt cute might remove later). Added 3D engine code inspired by a tutorial from OneLoneCoder (Javidx9), which I previously created a JS library for. Made background a radial gradient which looks nicer. Added back story and controls to README. Added support for colour on faces of 3D models. Handle end of game better.

11th September

Centred course in view vertically, this is because it can trail off the bottom or top sometimes.


Added trophies via OS13k. Thanks to FrankForce @KilledByAPixel for the release of OS13k with it's trophy support. You need to run OS13k in a different browser window to see trophies pop up in real time.

Trophy profile

Added 3D model generation using 2D profiles rotated about a central axis, based on Solids of Revolution code found in Beebug magazine Vol.8 No.7 from December 1989.

Generated trophy

Submitted to JS13k 2020 competition as Coding Golf - Broken Links.