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picosync aims to provide an open source library that can communicate with the official BitTorrent Sync peer to peer file syncing application.

The basic idea is to analyze BitTorrent Sync app's transmission protocol and write an open source library that can communicate with the official app. Later on, this library might be used to create a full open source syncing app compatible to btsync.


When I first heard about BitTorrent Sync I was excited about the idea behind it. I read into the sparse information on the official homepage and forum. I got curious and wanted to know more details about how this app works, thought of possibly interesting ways to extend it and so on...

But the official software is closed source and there are (currently?) no protocol specs available.

Thinking about BitTorrent itself (not the sync app, the p2p network) it seems to me that a big reason for its success is due to the fact that there are numerous clients that form an entire ecosystem. I want that for btsync aswell.

Also I think there's great potential in this app. I see the possibility for cloud storage hosters who only see the encrypted stuff, I see many uses for the peer discovery (i.e. one could write a peer to peer VNC/rdesktop alternative), and so on.

And finally the only way to know that there are no backdoors is using open source software :)


This project will be released according to the MIT License.

Wanna help?

I'm doing this as a university project but I'm glad for any help (especially the protocol analysis is not the easiest thing to do...)

Just contact me on github, fork the code or just spread the word ;)