A set of C/C++ examples for PicoScope® oscilloscope and PicoLog® data logger products.
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picosdk-c-examples is a set of C/C++ examples for PicoScope® oscilloscopes and PicoLog® data loggers.

Examples are provided as Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2015 for Windows Desktop solutions and are grouped by driver name. Each driver folder has a linux-build-files sub-folder for building applications on Linux and Mac OS X platforms from a terminal window.

Getting started


Microsoft Windows

  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 (including Express and Community editions) or later.


  • A suitable IDE such as Eclipse
  • Alternatively, ensure that the autoconf and libtool packages are installed for your operating system if building applications from the terminal.


  • A suitable IDE such as XCode

Installing drivers

Drivers are available for the following platforms. Refer to the subsections below for further information.

Microsoft Windows

  • Download the PicoSDK (32-bit or 64-bit) driver package installer from our Downloads page.



  • Visit our Downloads page and download the PicoScope Beta for Mac OS X application.

Programmer's Guides

You can download Programmer's Guides providing a description of the API functions for the relevant PicoScope or PicoLog driver from our Documentation page.

Building example applications

Microsoft Windows

  • Open the solution .sln file for the required driver in Visual Studio
  • Select the required configuration and solution platform
  • Build the solution

Linux and macOS

  • Copy the required source code C file (e.g. ps3000acon.c) into the corresponding linux-build-files sub-folder for the driver or copy the files to another folder
  • Open a terminal window
  • Run the following commands:
    • ./autogen.sh
    • make

Obtaining support

Please visit our Support page to contact us directly or visit our Test and Measurement Forum to post questions.


Contributions are welcome. Please refer to our guidelines for contributing for further information.

Copyright and licensing

See LICENSE.md for license terms.

PicoScope and PicoLog are registered trademarks of Pico Technology Ltd.

Windows and Visual Studio are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.

macOS is a registered trademark of Apple Inc.

Linux is the registered trademark of Linus Torvalds in the U.S. and other countries.

Copyright © 2004-2018 Pico Technology Ltd. All rights reserved.