C# examples for PicoVNA® Vector Network Analyzers
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picosdk-picovna-c-sharp-examples is a set of C# examples for the PicoVNA® Vector Network Analyzer.

Examples are provided as projects in a Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2017 solution.

Getting started


Microsoft Windows


  • Projects should be built for 32-bit platforms.

Supported models

  • PicoVNA 106

Installing software

Programmer's Guides

You can download a Programmer's Guide providing a description of the API functions for the Pico VNA from our Documentation page.

Obtaining support

Please visit our Support page to contact us directly or visit our Test and Measurement Forum to post questions.


Contributions are welcome. Please refer to our guidelines for contributing for further information.

Copyright and licensing

See LICENSE.md for license terms.

PicoVNA is a registered trademark of Pico Technology Ltd.

Windows and Visual Studio are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.

Copyright © 2018 Pico Technology Ltd. All rights reserved.