A tiny, hackable BitTorrent client.
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A tiny, hackable BitTorrent client written in modern C++. Based on Rasterbar-libtorrent to provide high performance and low memory usage.

Quick facts

  • (Azureus-style) peer ID: -PI-. Example: -PI0091- (major: 0, minor: 09, patch: 1).
  • User agent: PicoTorrent/x.y.z.
  • Native look-and-feel across Windows versions.
  • Easy to use with high performance.

The portable version of PicoTorrent requires manual installation of the Visual C++ 2017 redistributable

Building PicoTorrent

PicoTorrent depends only on what Rasterbar-libtorrent needs (Boost.System and OpenSSL) and all dependencies are conveniently pre-packaged in a NuGet package which will be downloaded as a part of the build process.

To successfully build PicoTorrent, you need the following tools installed,

  • CMake (>= v3.8) (installed and added to PATH)
  • Visual Studio 2017 (w/ C++ toolset)
  • Chocolatey (>= v0.10.7)

Build PicoTorrent by running the following in a PowerShell prompt,

PS> .\build.ps1


Copyright (c) Viktor Elofsson and contributors. PicoTorrent is provided as-is under the MIT license. For more information see LICENSE.