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The Official Blog for Picovico

After we chose to move our blog to github, the first question was how to manage the static pages.

  • Jekyll and github ? - rails/ruby thing didn't often work for @acpmasquerade. (even though he tries every month once :P )
  • Hyde (the evil brother of Jekyll) - may be next time
  • Mkdocs - (he is too fond of ) - did half of work with mkdocs already.
  • pelican - (when one of our mates suggested to try pelican), (@acpmasquerade had been looking easier templating, and few other assisting commands. Including some proper deploy assistant)

Hence we chose pelican. (Thanks to @ludbek for his suggestion.) @acpmasquerade says he is too happy with his decision to move the blog, and (em)power it with @getpelican and @github.

To Update content

Please modify content inside pelican/content folder

Thank You

@acpmasquerde @ludbek @theyogee