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Picovico - Official PHP SDK

Picovico is a online video creating platform.

Picovico 2.0

Picovico 2.0, the latest version of Picovico, which has been re-engineered and re-systematized from the core. The latter version is improved towards providing better user experience and stability. SDK will be available for the new version very soon.

API Version


API Documentation


Getting Started

Picovico PHP-SDK is available on Packagist via composer

    "require": {
        "picovico/php-sdk": "dev-master"

Functions Overview

  • login - Login with username and password
  • authenticate - Login with app_id and app_secret (API version 2.1 or above required)
  • set_login_tokens - Set authentication tokens if saved earlier
  • open - open any existing video project
  • begin - begin with a new video project
  • upload_image - upload local or remote image. (remote content is not downloaded locally. 250 chars max for remote content)
  • upload_music - upload local or remote music. (remote content is not downloaded locally. 250 chars max for remote content)
  • add_image - append image as next slide - (Uploads first, then adds to the project. No need to call upload_image if this function is used)
  • add_library_image - append previouosly uploaded image as next slide
  • add_text - append text as next slide
  • add_music - define background music
  • add_library_music - define previously uploaded content as background music
  • get_styles - get styles available for the account
  • set_style - define style for the active video project
  • set_quality - define quality for the active video project
  • add_credits - define credit slides for the active video project (Credits appear at the end of video)
  • remove_credits - remove all the credits defined in the active video
  • get - request information about any previously existing video (Is available for editing after open() only)
  • save - save the video progress (automatically saved before creating)
  • create - request to render the video.
  • preview - send a request to generate preview quality video
  • reset - reset the project progress (resets the slides, quality, credits, style)
  • dump - returns the local progress with active project

Example Walkthrough


Command-line Usage

A built-in command-line client is available under tools directory. The client is designed such that it provides a bash port to a self-client written using this SDK. It provides all methods as above, except the underscores are replaced with hyphens.

Plus few more actions are specified.



$ picovico <action> <arg> <arg> ...

Bash Autocomplete

copy tools/bash_completion.d/picovico to /etc/bash_completion.d/picovico

Common examples

$ picovico login
$ picovico authenticate
$ picovico add-image

Extra actions available from command-line

Current cli session

$ picovico session

Current project from cli

$ picovico project

Authenticating in the command-line

The cli version requires following environment variables to set with the values obtained from your account.


for example in ~/.bashrc

export PICOVICO_APP_ID=<some-app-id>
export PICOVICO_APP_SECRET=<some-app-secret>
export PICOVICO_SDK=php