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Official PHP SDK for Picovico 2.0 API
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Picovico - Official PHP SDK

Picovico is a online video creating platform.

Picovico 3.0

Picovico 3.0, the latest version of Picovico. Picovico 3.x provides wide range of features including video clips, multiple audio, custom logo, vertical, squre videos etc.

API Version


API Documentation


Getting Started

Picovico PHP-SDK is available on Packagist via composer

    "require": {
        "picovico/php-sdk": "^3.0"

Functions Overview

  • authenticate - Login with app_id and app_secret (API version 2.7 or above required)
  • text_slide - build JSON for text slide
  • image_slide - build JSON for image slide (URL)
  • anonymous_api - For any anonymous calls to be made to the API
  • authenticated_api - For all authenticated API calls

Quickstart Guide

Please follow this knowledgebase article for 2.7 quickstart

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