OpenSeadragon plugin for adding guide lines to a viewer
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OpenSeadragon Guides

An OpenSeadragon plugin that makes it possible to add guidelines to an image.



This plugin requires a version of OpenSeadragon later than 2.0

Include dist/openseadragon-guides.js after OpenSeadragon in your html. Then after you create a viewer:

  allowRotation: false,        // Make it possible to rotate the guidelines (by double clicking them)
  horizontalGuideButton: null, // Element for horizontal guideline button
  verticalGuideButton: null,   // Element for vertical guideline button
  prefixUrl: null,             // Images folder
  removeOnClose: false,        // Remove guidelines when viewer closes
  useSessionStorage: false,    // Save guidelines in sessionStorage
  navImages: {
    guideHorizontal: {
      REST: 'guidehorizontal_rest.png',
      GROUP: 'guidehorizontal_grouphover.png',
      HOVER: 'guidehorizontal_hover.png',
      DOWN: 'guidehorizontal_pressed.png'
    guideVertical: {
      REST: 'guidevertical_rest.png',
      GROUP: 'guidevertical_grouphover.png',
      HOVER: 'guidevertical_hover.png',
      DOWN: 'guidevertical_pressed.png'


  • Add default styling for the rotation popup