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Interact to edit (How it came into being)

Initially , my challange was to have some interactive method to edit the Table cell in an Web Application, without opening any dialogue or popup, and that is very easy and intuitively in use. So I came up with an idea of "Double clicking" over the desired Table cell or HTML node to edit it. Then I started looking into and developing this small script. In beginning I thought of naming this script "Double Click to Edit", then I thought why not make it flexible so that I can apply it on any other desired event too. So I named it "Interact to Edit".

How It works

The function take 2 parameters, Target(HTML node) and Trigger Event(When to call function). (Target Html node can be any node, but for initial versions of this script , this is only working for nodes with text content. ) Trigger Event can be Double click , Click , or Hover etc.

The script creates a input text field as a child of the Target HTML Node and fill it with the existing value of the node and then hand over focus to the input field. After changing the value in the input field and hitting Enter Key ,input field is deleted and the new value is put into the Target HTML Node.

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