Step through historic versions of git controlled file using everyone's favourite editor
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Git time machine




Installation alternatives:

  • Download git-timemachine.el and drop it somewhere in your load-path.
  • If you use el-get, simply add git-timemachine to your packages list.
  • If you have melpa configured it's available through package-install.


Visit a git-controlled file and issue M-x git-timemachine (or bind it to a keybinding of your choice). If you just need to toggle the time machine you can use M-x git-timemachine-toggle.

Use the following keys to navigate historic version of the file

  • p Visit previous historic version
  • n Visit next historic version
  • w Copy the abbreviated hash of the current historic version
  • W Copy the full hash of the current historic version
  • g Goto nth revision
  • q Exit the time machine.


Set git-timemachine-abbreviation-length (default 12) to your preferred length for abbreviated commit hashes.

Set git-timemachine-show-minibuffer-details (default t) to control whether details of the commit are shown in the minibuffer.

Also M-x customize [git-timemachine].