Open dev menu with 3 fingers touch in react native instead of shake gesture
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Open dev menu with 3 fingers touch instead of shake.


when you want to reload the app


It's annoying to shake real device every time you need dev menu. Also - it looks quite awkward if you have co-workers sitting next to you and you shake your phone every 2 minutes.

How to use

Wrap entire app inside this component

import DevMenuOnTouch from 'react-native-dev-menu-on-touch';
// or:  import { DevMenuOnTouch } from 'react-native-dev-menu-on-touch'

class YourRootApp extends Component {
  render() {
    return (
        <YourApp />

or use with higher order component

import { withDevMenuOnTouch } from 'react-native-dev-menu-on-touch';
const YourAppRoot = withDevMenuOnTouch(YourApp);