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Allows to write net-snmp subagents in Python.
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                        python-netsnmpagent Module
         Copyright (c) 2013 Pieter Hollants <>
           Licensed under the GNU Public License (GPL) version 3


python-netsnmpagent is a Python module that facilitates writing Net-SNMP
subagents in Python. Subagents connect to a locally running Master agent
(snmpd) over a Unix domain socket (eg. "/var/run/agentx/master") and using the
AgentX protocol (RFC2747). They implement custom Management Information Base
(MIB) modules that extend the local node's MIB tree. Usually, this requires
writing a MIB as well, ie. a text file that specifies the structure, names
and data types of the information within the MIB module.

python-netsnmpagent was written after a lot of frustration trying to fix the
python-agentx module hosted on Sourceforge. I fixed some smaller issues there
but when it came to making sure that you could actually walk the whole MIB, not
just the variables registered, I realized that it would not make much sense to
reimplement the complete behavior of a proper SNMP agent when the NetSNMP API
actually can handle those things for you. Also, to be honest, I don't get
python-agentx's design :-)

python-netsnmpagent, by contrast, in the first line focusses on making the
net-snmp C agent API accessible from Python. Though I will try not to just
pass through every library call 1:1 but wrap them in a useful manner.

net-snmp itself also comes with a Python module (see the "python" subdirectory
in the source distribution), however it seems to offer bindings that implement
the client side only, not the agent side.


python-netsnmpagent requires the net-snmp libraries to be installed,
libnetsnmpagent to be precisely. The runtime library is enough, development
files are not necessary.


The PyPI page with distribution archives is available at

Binary RPMs for SuSE distributions are available via and
the Open Build Service Project page at

If you wish to follow development more closely clone the GitHub:


If you do not use a ready package for your Linux distribution, you can install
directly from source using

  python install

This will most probably require appropriate rights (eg. being "root").


There is a well-commented example subagent included,, together with
an example MIB, surprisingly named EXAMPLE-MIB.txt. Here's some step-by-step

1. Make sure net-snmp is installed, snmpd in particular.

2. Run the included "" script. This scripts runs snmpd with
   a special configuration file on TCP port 5555 and starts the included
   example agent.

3. From a separate console, run the example SNMP client utilities as written
   to the screen, eg.:

   $ snmpwalk -v 2c -c public -M+. localhost EXAMPLE-MIB::exampleMIB
   EXAMPLE-MIB::exampleUnsigned.0 = Gauge32: 0
   EXAMPLE-MIB::exampleUnsignedRO.0 = Gauge32: 0
   EXAMPLE-MIB::exampleInteger.0 = INTEGER: 0
   EXAMPLE-MIB::exampleIntegerRO.0 = INTEGER: 0

   The "-v" option selects version 2c of the SNMP protocol, "-c" specifies the
   community to use. The special configuration used here uses a read-only
   community string "public" and a read-write community string "example" (for
   use with eg. snmpset).

   The "-M" option modifies the search path for referenced MIBs. Since
   we reference EXAMPLE-MIB in the specification of the root OID to walk and
   we have not copied EXAMPLE-MIB.txt to the system's MIBs directory
   /usr/share/snmp/mibs, we extend (the plus sign "+") the search path with the
   current directory (which should be the python-netsnmpagent directory).

   EXAMPLE-MIB::exampleMIB references the root node in the EXAMPLE-MIB. If you
   haven't looked at the MIB yet, you should probably do so now.

If you wish to run the example agent against your system-wide snmpd instance,
your /etc/snmp/snmpd.conf (path may vary) should contain lines similar to the
  # Required to allow subagents to connect to snmpd via AgentX protocol
  master agentx
  # Required for read-only access from localhost
  rocommunity public
  # Required for read-write access from localhost
  rwcommunity <yoursecret>
For SNMP versions 1 and 2c (which are basically those I care about for now),
replace "<yoursecret>" with a secret not too obvious, since it is the only
protection against unauthorized write access, safe for the localhost access

Because connecting to the system-wide snmpd's AgentX socket requires root
rights, start the example agent using sudo:
  $ sudo python 
  username's password:
  NET-SNMP version 5.7.1 AgentX subagent connected
  Serving SNMP requests, press ^C to terminate...


Admittedly the API for writing your own subagents in Python is nowhere next to
stable yet. For now, please see the source code for info on
how to use the python-netsnmpagent module, but notice that this may change at
any time. You might want to follow development on the GitHub repo:


- stabilize API
- unit tests


python-netsnmpagent was inspired by python-agentx, courtesy of Bozhin Zafirov
<>. I blatantly ripped some ideas and some lines of code, shame
on me.

SNMP contexts support and various other additions were implemented by Steven
Hiscocks <>.
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