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Skinning window for standalone RSS client

First of all name Your file 'script-rssclient-standalone-main.xml'.

Important controls:

Container for RSS channels (List / wraplist / fixedlist / panel) You need to add this (even if it will be just dummy control)

<control type="list" id="30051">
	<description>Container for RSS channels</description>
	[ ... ]

Container for RSS items (List / wraplist / fixedlist / panel) You need to add this

<control type="list" id="30050">
	<description>Container for RSS items</description>
	[ ... ]

Available info (for item list - container with id = 30050):

ListItem.Label - Header of RSS item
ListItem.Property(desc) - Text message of RSS item
ListItem.Property(channeltext) - Name of channel to which RSS item belongs
ListItem.Property(link) - Unique index of RSS item (often link to article)
ListItem.Property(date) - Date of RSS item
ListItem.Property(image) - Link to image attached to RSS item (empty if no image)
ListItem.Property(imageCount) - Number of images attached to RSS item
ListItem.Property(image.X) - Link to Xth image attached to RSS item (X is 1 to imageCount)
ListItem.Property(slideshowable) - Returns 'true' if You can start slideshow/use multiimage control (there have to be more than 1 image and user have to enable image caching in addon settings)
ListItem.Property(video) - Link to video attached to RSS item (empty if no video) 
ListItem.Property(read) - Returns 'true' if user already read this item (if User press Select (Enter key in default keymap) or if User have item selected for more than 1.5 seconds)

Some Examples:

Images - multiimage or image control. Group will be visible if there is any image (in particular first item)

<control type="group">
	<control type="image">
		<aspectratio scalediffuse="false" align="center" aligny="top">keep</aspectratio>
	<control type="multiimage">
		<aspectratio scalediffuse="false" align="center" aligny="top">keep</aspectratio>