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Sep 04, 2011

  1. Michal Piechowiak


  2. Michal Piechowiak

    add: async fetching of of detailed artist and album info for music li…

    …brary nodes

Sep 03, 2011

  1. Michal Piechowiak

    fixed: don't scroll outside of offset range in GUIcontainers

    fixes #11925
  2. Michal Piechowiak

    added GetOffsetRange method to GUIContainers

  3. Memphiz

    [osx/ios/atv2] - add lib-gpgerror, libgcrypt and afpnfs-ng to darwin …

    Memphiz authored
  4. wsoltys

    [WIN32] removed win32 include path from cmyth (thanks dTeirney)

    wsoltys authored
  5. wsoltys

    [WIN32] updated libbluray to 8e5d24 and added the missing log_control…

    ….h header (not tested yet)
    wsoltys authored
  6. wsoltys

    [WIN32] added msys libtool beside mingw libtool. I really would like …

    …to know why sometimes a msys and the other time a mingw lib is needed. Seems to be they're the same but different location.
    wsoltys authored
  7. Michal Piechowiak

    fix animation center point for auto-sized controls

  8. wsoltys

    [WIN32] copied inttypes.h to cmyth/win32/include to keep the lib sepa…

    wsoltys authored
  9. Joakim Plate

    for now only do the unreliable fps check for dvd's

    elupus authored
  10. Joakim Plate

    changed: if we have a new enough libbluray redirect debug information…

    … to xbmc log
    elupus authored
  11. Joakim Plate

    support newer libbluray where they changed API

    elupus authored
  12. Joakim Plate

    detect older libbluray api versions

    elupus authored
  13. David Teirney

    Merge pull request #386 from dteirney/libcmyth

    Update libcmyth to support protocol 57 for deletion of recordings
    dteirney authored
  14. build: allow configure options to be set for libnfs

    This is an ugly ugly hack, but it only has to last until
    libnfs makes its way into distros.
    use the PREFIX or LIBNFS_CONFIGOPTS env vars to override their defaults.
    This way we can do cross builds without manual intervention.
    theuni authored

Sep 02, 2011

  1. Memphiz

    [nfs] - fix external subtitles with nfs wheren't found because of the…

    … dir didn't end with slash
    Memphiz authored
  2. Memphiz

    [nfs] - speedup of GetDirectory up to 10 times and more. Thx to r.sah…

    …lberg. With new libnfs we don't need to stat the dir entrys - but get all info we need directly from the dirent struct - closes #11919
    Memphiz authored
  3. Memphiz

    [nfs] - bump version to 0804e67

    Memphiz authored
  4. Michal Piechowiak

    fix: CGUIControl::Render shouldn't reset m_bInvalidated flag

    invalidating control that was already processed in current renderpass didn't cause control processing in next renderpass
  5. Michal Piechowiak

    set CFileItem::m_bIsAlbum when assigning CFileItem

  6. Matthias Kortstiege

    fixed: ambiguous mysql group column statement (closes #11922 - thanks…

    … Big_Noid)
    mkortstiege authored

Sep 01, 2011

  1. fixed: always prefix fanart/thumbs from mixed nfos.

    based on a patch by tica, thanks.
    spiff authored
  2. Sascha Montellese

    Merge pull request #389 from Montellese/jsonrpc_parentids

    jsonrpc: adds some "parentid" fields (tvshowid, artistid, albumid, setid) to movie/episode/album/song information
    Montellese authored
  3. Sascha Montellese

    change types of CVideoInfoTag::m_strSet and ::m_strSetId to std::vect…

    Montellese authored
  4. Sascha Montellese

    jsonrpc: adds "setid" to movie's "fields", "tvshowid" to episode's "f…

    …ields", "artistid" to album's and song's "fields" and "albumid" to song's "fields"
    Montellese authored
  5. Merge pull request #392 from abs0/9c91c78633391207f54a9b55ce96ce7fae5…

    [portability] This file uses WEXITSTATUS(), so should include <sys/wait.h>
    Arne Morten Kvarving authored
  6. John Rennie

    Merge pull request #393 from jhsrennie/master

    Modify CUtil::GetQualifiedFilename to not process URLs
    jhsrennie authored
  7. John Rennie

    Clarify commenting in CUtil::GetQualifiedFilename

    jhsrennie authored
  8. davilla

    [ios] changed back to using NSThread priority functions

    davilla authored
  9. davilla

    [ios] fixed, replace rm -rf with find -delete to fix issues with 4.3 …

    …untether which uses a unionfs. We do both atv2 and iOS devices to keep things consistant
    davilla authored

Aug 31, 2011

  1. Joakim Plate

    Merge pull request #302 from garbear/weather-global-fix

    Use smart global references for g_weatherManager.
    elupus authored
  2. Joakim Plate

    Merge pull request #391 from abs0/b78188fbbfe434940e5ed8b33a3aa00e0e2…

    Use the more portable "=" in shell test usage, rather than "=="
    elupus authored
  3. Sascha Montellese

    jsonrpc: fix linux build with missing include

    Montellese authored
  4. Matthias Kortstiege

    changed: set virtual search path in order to avoid the keyboad popup …

    …after installing an add-on
    mkortstiege authored
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