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Commits on Nov 13, 2012
  1. GUIDialogSelect: get rid of not needed m_vecListInternal and just use…

    … m_vecList (we don't store pointer to external list anymore)
  2. change CGUIDialogSelect::SetItems() to create copy of list instead of…

    … just setting pointer to it
    fixes crash when reloading skin while select dialog is active
  3. AddonBrowser: check if dialog was confirmed instead of checking if it…

    … wasn't multiselection and if anything was selected. We might skip CGUIDialogSelect::OnBack when we close dialog (for example when we reload skin).
    Fixes crash when we reload skin while in skin selection dialog. GUIWindowSettingsCategory didn't catch that we in fact canceled dialog and tried to proceed with changing setting (that we already deleted when closing settings window) causing bad memory access.
  4. fix win32 build after c5645ec, replace macro with plain code to avoid…

    … including "system.h"
  5. fixed: use the correct include path

    spiff authored
    certain platforms using certain tools that shall remain unnamed
    has include paths that do not exist (for good reasons) on other
  6. Merge pull request #1769 from elupus/blumenu

    Arne Morten Kvarving authored
    dvdplayer: fixed several issues with overlay handling on bluray
Commits on Nov 12, 2012
  1. [fix] part2: occasionally on OSX the case insensitive filesystem conf…

    Jim Carroll authored
    …uses the file path calculation when attempting to locate the template file. This change includes a last ditch effort to recover.
  2. [fix] occasionally on OSX the case insensitive filesystem confuses th…

    Jim Carroll authored
    …e file path calculation when attempting to locate the template file. This change includes a last ditch effort to recover.
  3. @davilla
  4. Merge pull request #1760 from jmarshallnz/art_fallback_fixes

    Arne Morten Kvarving authored
    Art fallback fixes, and don't save show/album/season art for seasons/songs/episodes
  5. @elupus

    dvdplayer: fixed several issues with overlay handling on bluray

    elupus authored
    This now requires the version 2 api for menu overlays. It fixes issues
    with silly high GPU load during bluray menu's and corruption of the menu
  6. Merge pull request #1747 from axmhari/pvr-file-path-reviewed

    Arne Morten Kvarving authored
     [pvr] Update internal naming of PVR items for better library integration (updated)
  7. @elupus

    gui: add generic Player.Title info label

    elupus authored
    This is prepatory to allow display of metadata for non av players
    in the future and allowing skins to maintain compatibility with
  8. Merge pull request #1765 from jmarshallnz/fix_playlist_resume

    Arne Morten Kvarving authored
    fix: reset resume point after playing items via the playlist player
  9. fixed compiler warning.

    wsoltys authored
  10. Merge pull request #1418 from Montellese/grouping

    Arne Morten Kvarving authored
    grouping by movie set outside of the database
  11. @opdenkamp

    [cec] don't try to set the OSD string on the TV. it's not supported b…

    opdenkamp authored
    …y any TV on the market, and saves a couple of ms when we don't try this
  12. construct image and preview URLs when unpacking fanart to make sure t…

    Jonathan Marshall authored
    …he url attribute applies only to the <fanart> block being processed. fixes #12860
  13. drop old thetvdb preview fixups

    Jonathan Marshall authored
  14. fixed: link to pulse-simple, it's needed for CPulseAE::CanInit(), app…

    bobo1on1 authored
    …arently not all distros link libpulse to libpulse-simple
  15. @theuni
  16. [fix] Fixed a potential to miss an event.

    Jim Carroll authored
  17. fixed: when rendering a capture on the GL backbuffer, mark the region…

    bobo1on1 authored
    … as dirty, prevents the capture from showing up
  18. [fix] typo from original commit a few minutes ago. Meant for this to …

    Jim Carroll authored
    …be 100 ms, not 10ms. 10ms creates pointless CPU load.
  19. [fix] closes #13507. This adds the ablity to use operator[] and size(…

    Jim Carroll authored
    …) methods on AddonClasses.
Commits on Nov 11, 2012
  1. [fix] closes ##13506. Addon class instances that default to NULL were…

    Jim Carroll authored
    … causing an SEGV. This allows the generated code to handle NULL defaults.
  2. [fix] closes #13533. This eliminates a control lookup that results in…

    Jim Carroll authored
    … an exception when the particular control isn't a known python control type.
  3. [fix] This allows the Monitor to receive onScreensaverDeactivated cal…

    Jim Carroll authored
    …lbacks while in DoModal. This may have further reaching effects sicne it effecively allows the DoModal call to repeatedly invoke makePendingCalls avoiding the need for extraneous PulseActionEvent calls.
  4. @jmarshallnz

    Merge pull request #1768 from ronie/screensaver-alarm

    jmarshallnz authored
    silently cancel screensaver alarmclock
  5. [fix] When an XBMCAddon::xbmcgui::Window class was deleted, it would …

    Jim Carroll authored
    …occationally still be required to handle calls from the CGUIWindow system but by then it's deleted. This resolves that by reference counting Window classes from both Python AND the CGUIWindow system so that it's not finally deleted until both are done with it. In this case the 'unregister' work that was previously done in the 'deallocating' method needed to be moved to a separate method (now called 'dispose') and invoked when python is finished with the Window rather than on destruction.
  6. @davilla

    Merge pull request #1762 from koying/droidremoveapkgit

    davilla authored
    FIX: [droid] Remove .git dirs from apk
  7. @ronie
  8. @Montellese
  9. @Montellese
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