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Commits on Sep 2, 2012
  1. add VideoPlayer.SubtitlesLanguage infolabel that returns full languag…

    …e name of current subtitles, "unknown" localized string or empty string if subtitles are disabled or video isn't playing currently
  2. dvdplayer: update current video settings when changing setting subtit…

    …les stream to be sure we keep it synced (similiar to what we already do when we show/hide subtitles)
  3. use CUtil::GetExternalStreamNameAndLangFromFilename to determine exte…

    …rnal subtitles's language and name
  4. add CUtil::GetExternalStreamNameAndLangFromFilename method to extract…

    … stream language and name from filename
  5. add method converting language string to 2char code

    passed language string could be either other code or full language name
  6. @wsoltys

    Merge pull request #1285 from wsoltys/minidump

    wsoltys committed
    [WIN32] Create minidumps for threads terminated by exceptions
  7. @garbear
  8. Childtype of any item in recently added episodes/movies/music videos …

    …node is NODE_TYPE_NONE (default child type)
    Fixes items from these nodes being considered directories in CDirectory::Exists() check. This fixes not being able to play items from upnp server's recently added nodes on some upnp clients (including other xbmc instances) as UPnP server would specify item as container on single item details request
    Removes unneeded includes
  9. @wsoltys

    Merge pull request #1352 from Voyager-xbmc/timerprecision-fix

    wsoltys committed
    Set system timer precision back to 1ms - post getting rid of SDL fix
  10. post-SDL removal fix: use 1 ms timer precision

    Voyager-xbmc committed
  11. @Memphiz

    Merge pull request #1345 from koying/sqlitelocation

    Memphiz committed
    FIX: Actually allows to specify sqlite3 databases location
  12. @elupus

    cosmetic: correct typo in name PacketStatus

    elupus committed
    Thx spiff for the quick shout-out at devcon
  13. @elupus
  14. fixed: upper case TTF fonts would not work in skin font sets

    spiff committed
    fixed by doing case-insensitive operations
  15. @DDDamian
  16. @DDDamian
Commits on Sep 1, 2012
  1. @DDDamian
  2. @elupus

    Merge pull request #1340 from kylhill/master

    elupus committed
    Fix Coverity Static Analysis Issues in XBMC
  3. Fix use of uninitialized data in cdioSupport.cpp

    Kyle Hill committed
  4. Fix possible negative array index.

    Kyle Hill committed
    Check that our index is non-negative before using it in an array.
  5. Fixed use of temporary pointer to string in freed vector

    Kyle Hill committed
    In Visualisation.cpp:213, a string pointer to an item in this temporary
    vector is used.  Changing this vector to return by reference, as other
    vectors in this class are, resolve this.
  6. Prevent possible NULL pointer dereferences.

    Kyle Hill committed
  7. Fix uninitialized members in Application.cpp

    Kyle Hill committed
  8. Fix use of uninitialized members of XBPyThread.cpp

    Kyle Hill committed
  9. Remove unused variables from udf25.cpp

    Kyle Hill committed
  10. Fix uninitialized members in XBPython

    Kyle Hill committed
  11. Fix Coverity issues in Weather.cpp

    Kyle Hill committed
    This changeset fixes possible uninitialized reads and NULL pointer
    dereferences in Weather.cpp
  12. Fix uninitialized reads in AnimatedGif.cpp

    Kyle Hill committed
    The x member of the COLOR struct was never initialized in
  13. Fix possible improper NULL string termination

    Kyle Hill committed
    Make sure that the language string is always terminated by a NULL
    character.  strncpy will copy at most 4 characters, but no NULL
    character is implicitly appended so language will only be NULL
    terminated if the string has fewer than 4 characers.
  14. Fix buffer overrun in VDPAU.h

    Kyle Hill committed
    We can potentially have 13 VDP features enabled and we will overrun the
    end of the m_features array if more than 10 are enabled at once.
  15. Remove unneeded NULL check from DVDDemuxFFmpeg.cpp

    Kyle Hill committed
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