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Commits on Oct 5, 2012
  1. clear properties in CFileItem::Reset()

    fixes plugin items marked as playing after they stopped, as we didn't clear "original_listitem_url" property then and current item still has it
  2. remove CFileItem::SetLabel2 override and use base class CGUIListItem:…

    override wasn't setting control invalid (needed for GUI redraw) when label2 changed value, base class does it
    fixes static items in containers not redrawing, when just label2 is changing
  3. @Montellese
  4. @Montellese
  5. @Montellese
  6. @night199uk

    Merge pull request #1450 from night199uk/taglib

    night199uk authored
    libid3tag dependency and remove libid3tag and libapetag
  7. @night199uk

    libid3tag/libapetag win/mac/linux/android removal (thanks theuni for …

    Cory Fields authored night199uk committed
    …the linux/android parts and montellese for win32)
  8. @night199uk

    [lame] Change LameEncoder to use internal lame tagger, replicating cu…

    night199uk authored
    …rrent CDRip tagging. Removes dependency on libid3tag.
  9. @Memphiz

    Merge pull request #1492 from vanosg/master

    Memphiz authored
    Log database version to logfile
  10. @Montellese

    Merge pull request #1542 from Montellese/jsonrpc_addons_content

    Montellese authored
    jsonrpc: add "content" parameter to Addons.GetAddons and properly implement virtual addon types
  11. Make sure SEpisode structs are initialized

    t-nelson authored
  12. @huceke

    fixed compile after 91d656a

    huceke authored
    cdrip is not available when optical drive is disabled (--disable-optical-drive).
Commits on Oct 4, 2012
  1. Merge pull request #1530 from cptspiff/bgcdrip

    Arne Morten Kvarving authored
    Background CD ripper jobs
  2. changed: background cd ripper jobs

    spiff authored
    use the new CGUIDialogExtendedProgressBar (looks like java eh?)
    to display progress
  3. cosmetics

    spiff authored
  4. @opdenkamp

    Merge pull request #1533 from JezzX/Common_Background

    opdenkamp authored
    Changed: [Confluence] Made the PVR window use the common background code...
  5. @Montellese
  6. @opdenkamp

    Merge pull request #1538 from fetzerch/bugfix-pvr-recordingfolderwarning

    opdenkamp authored
    [pvr] Fixed warning 'file cannot be played' when selecting a recording folder
  7. @Montellese
  8. @Memphiz
  9. @wsoltys
  10. @wsoltys

    [WIN32] fix compiling

    wsoltys authored
  11. @Memphiz
  12. @jmarshallnz

    Merge pull request #1511 from hydra/relocate-screenshot-code2

    jmarshallnz authored
    Move screenshot code into it's own file.  Move surface capturing code in...
  13. @Memphiz

    [ios/atv2] - prevent xcode4 from using -Os on compiler optimisation (…

    Memphiz authored
    …this maybe fixes 7 mins timeshift of the clock and maybe other issues - and maybe it does nothing)
  14. @Montellese
  15. @fetzerch
  16. @hydra

    Move screenshot code into it's own file. Move surface capturing code

    hydra authored
    into it's own class so it can be reused.
  17. @Montellese
  18. @Montellese

    Merge pull request #1480 from Montellese/check_path_in_path

    Montellese authored
    webserver: make VFS handler more secure
  19. @JezzX

    Changed: [Confluence] Made the PVR window use the common background c…

    JezzX authored
    …ode so it can use fanart for the background
  20. @opdenkamp

    Merge pull request #1497 from avdleeuw/switch

    opdenkamp authored
    [PVR] Change channelswitching through OSD to be consistent with channel
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