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Feb 17, 2013

  1. Michal Piechowiak

    add ruler to mark current time in epggrid


Feb 15, 2013

  1. Michal Piechowiak

    add ListItem.IsActive boolean condition for epggrid items

  2. jmarshallnz

    Merge pull request #2241 from t-nelson/delete_failed_fileop_jobs

    Don't leave failed fileop jobs in the processing list.
    jmarshallnz authored
  3. Don't leave failed fileop jobs in the processing list.

    We want to remove fileop jobs from the queue regardless of whether they
    were successful or not.  Otherwise we crash on the next call to
    t-nelson authored
  4. fix incorrect query on smartplaylists with a set rule

    Jonathan Marshall authored

Feb 14, 2013

  1. Martijn Kaijser

    Merge pull request #2218 from fritsch/ae-fix-enumerate

    AE: Some additional fixes since yesterdays merge
    MartijnKaijser authored
  2. wsoltys

    [AE] fixed: init m_volume. Otherwise it has a weird value when its us…

    …ed in InternalOpenSink() (m_sinkHandlesVolume==true)
    wsoltys authored
  3. wsoltys

    [WIN32][AE] fixed: supported channels should be between 2 and 8

    wsoltys authored
  4. Sascha Montellese

    jsonrpc: bump version to 6.0.1 after fix in 44916b3

    Montellese authored

Feb 13, 2013

  1. Peter Frühberger

    AE: Choose indirection when possible. Care for lazy evaluation

    fritsch authored
  2. Peter Frühberger

    AE: in doubt restore old suspend behaviour

    fritsch authored
  3. Peter Frühberger

    AE: Linux AE - some fixes of yesterday merge (Enumerate + Resume)

    fritsch authored
  4. davilla

    [osx] fixed again, not all GPU are named the same

    davilla authored

Feb 12, 2013

  1. wsoltys

    [WIN32][AE] fixed: samplerate can be at least 192kHz (probably more?)

    wsoltys authored
  2. wsoltys

    [WIN32][AE] fixed: DirectSound supports more than 2 channels.

    wsoltys authored
  3. Zeljko Ametovic

    Merge pull request #2226 from uNiversaI/patch-1

    Fix typo
    amet authored
  4. Fix typo

    Getiing -> Getting
    uNiversaI authored
  5. Memphiz

    Merge pull request #2208 from asmaloney/mem_problems

    Fix memory leaks & use correct "delete" for arrays
    Memphiz authored

Feb 11, 2013

  1. davilla

    [osx] fixs #13907, fixes #13740 and tastes good too. VDA issues on in…

    …tel/ati GPUs
    davilla authored
  2. Memphiz

    Merge pull request #2219 from ulion/bump_darwin_samba_3_6_12

    bump samba for darwin from 3.6.0 to 3.6.12
    Fixes access to samba server running on osx 10.7 and later (was worked around by custom samba package via smbup which is superseeded by this).
    Memphiz authored
  3. huceke

    Merge pull request #2206 from popcornmix/fix_video_fifo_ass

    [rbp] Fix for broken ASS subtitles.
    huceke authored
  4. Sascha Montellese

    Merge pull request #2222 from ace20022/jsonrpc2

    [json-rpc] fix Player.GetProperties' result "currentaudiostream" if there is no audio stream
    Montellese authored
  5. Andreas Zelend

    Fix the result of Player.GetProperties with param "currentaudiostream…

    …" for video without an audio stream (index = -1).
    ace20022 authored
  6. popcornmix

    [rbp] Fix for broken ASS subtitles.

    The video fifo patch broke some types of subtitles including ASS.
    This keeps closer track of when the sleep time would have ended and calls FlipPage at the appropriate time.
    I've also removed the 500ms in the sleep time calculation as that makes the subs render 500ms late. Not sure what its purpose was.
    popcornmix authored
  7. ulion

    bump samba for darwin from 3.6.0 to 3.6.12

    ulion authored
  8. Revert "changed: No need to get FTP filetimes for Exists() calls"

    This reverts commit e373cd5.
    arnova authored
  9. davilla

    [osx] fixed error in CCoreAudioHardware::FormatsList, which is not ac…

    …tually used anywhere :)
    davilla authored
  10. Andy

    Fix memory leaks & Use correct "delete" for arrays

    asmaloney authored asmaloney committed
  11. davilla

    changed, refactor CSoftAEStream::GetDelay, CSoftAEStream::GetCacheTim…

    …e and CSoftAEStream::GetCacheTotal to be similar
    davilla authored
  12. davilla

    fixed, CSoftAEStream::GetCacheTime was calculated wrong

    davilla authored

Feb 10, 2013

  1. Joakim Plate

    bluray: factor out overlay functions to reduce code duplication

    elupus authored elupus committed
  2. Joakim Plate

    dvdplayer: Always make sure first image after open is output

    This solves some still frame issues with blurays
    elupus authored elupus committed
  3. Joakim Plate

    dvdplayer: a disabled stream could be re-selected for bluray and dvd

    elupus authored elupus committed
  4. Joakim Plate

    bluray: support BDJ menus

    elupus authored elupus committed
  5. Joakim Plate

    bluray: support still frames

    elupus authored elupus committed
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