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Commits on Nov 16, 2012
  1. reset m_focusedControl in CGUIControlGroup::ClearAll()

    fixes focus staying in middle of setting list when jumping through setting tabs
  2. DialogSelect: autoselect first item if no item was preselected

    fixes focus staying on same item when we show dialog next time
  3. @Montellese

    Merge pull request #1785 from Montellese/custom_nodes_location

    Montellese authored
    custom library node cleanup
  4. make sure we setup the peripheral manager dialog prior to init'ing th…

    Jonathan Marshall authored
    …e window. part of #13556
  5. make sure we setup the picture info dialog prior to init'ing the wind…

    Jonathan Marshall authored
    …ow. part of #13556
  6. make sure we setup the visualisation preset list prior to init'ing th…

    Jonathan Marshall authored
    …e window. part of #13556
  7. [osx] fixed build

    Jonathan Marshall authored
  8. @Montellese

    Merge pull request #1777 from Montellese/dont_group_in_files_view

    Montellese authored
    don't group movies into sets in files view
  9. @arnova

    Merge pull request #1774 from koying/fixthumburlnoaspect

    arnova authored
    FIX: No update path for pre-frodo scrapped thumb url without "aspect" attribute
Commits on Nov 15, 2012
  1. adds AELimiter.h/cpp to the win32 build

    Jonathan Marshall authored
  2. fix compile warnings

    Jonathan Marshall authored
  3. @bobo1on1

    Merge pull request #1788 from bobo1on1/volampfix

    bobo1on1 authored
    Re-added volume amplification for softae and coreae, xcode build and windows build will need updating.
  4. @Montellese

    Merge pull request #1797 from Montellese/delete_xsps

    Montellese authored
    videodb: allow deletion of smartplaylists
  5. @opdenkamp

    Merge pull request #1786 from FernetMenta/addongui

    opdenkamp authored
    fix: addon gui
  6. @opdenkamp

    Merge pull request #1778 from fetzerch/bugfix-search

    opdenkamp authored
    pvr: Fixed search dialog
  7. @opdenkamp

    Merge pull request #1773 from da-anda/pvr-keymap-2

    opdenkamp authored
    [pvr] add missing channel up/down key bindings in remaining keymap files
  8. @chadoe

    [WIN32] fixed: setup, some addons containing .h in the directory name…

    chadoe authored
    … were excluded from copying to the packaging directory.
  9. @Montellese
  10. don't resolve file directories in xbmcvfs.listdir. fixes #13551

    Jonathan Marshall authored
  11. fixes deletion of sources without slash at end

    Jonathan Marshall authored
  12. @elupus

    Merge pull request #1764 from elupus/udffolder

    elupus authored
    fixed: bluray iso playback selection dialog
  13. @bobo1on1

    Merge pull request #1790 from bobo1on1/normalnormalizer

    bobo1on1 authored
    fixed: audiooutput.normalizelevels is reversed, for now just invert the ...
  14. @Memphiz

    Merge pull request #1787 from Memphiz/airtunesvolumefix

    Memphiz authored
    [airtunes] - fix volume range of airtunes (affects windows only - other ...
  15. @davilla

    Merge pull request #1782 from davilla/fix-osx-incudes

    davilla authored
    [osx] fixed borked include paths, osx matches command-line make now
  16. [cosmetic] Fix docstring (again) for audioSuspend/audioRemsume to hav…

    Jim Carroll authored
    …e the correct method names.
  17. [cosmetic] Fix docstring for audioSuspend/audioRemsume to have the co…

    Jim Carroll authored
    …rrect method names.
  18. @Montellese
  19. unwrap bluray:// URLs for external players. fixes #13498

    Jonathan Marshall authored
  20. @Montellese
  21. don't show the progress dialog during cleaning of the video library w…

    Jonathan Marshall authored
    …hen <backgroundupdate> is enabled. fixes #13547
  22. adds fallback for tvshow.thumb -> tvshow.poster to ensure the recentl…

    Jonathan Marshall authored
    …y added stuff still shows the tv poster
Commits on Nov 14, 2012
  1. Merge pull request #1781 from theuni/repobumps-frodo

    Arne Morten Kvarving authored
    Repobumps frodo
  2. Merge pull request #1793 from Memphiz/betasplash

    Arne Morten Kvarving authored
    [change] - use frodo beta splash from now on
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