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External Dependencies

Tor is required to round-robin requests.


Run python3 and follow the instructions.

Round-Robin Setup

  1. Be sure to have Tor installed;

  2. Create the hash of your password; tor-hash

  3. Copy&Paste at the end of the torrc file, the location depends by your system; tor-setup

  4. Edit accordingly to your setup; junglescam-setup

  • torControlPW is the password that you hashed;
  • torPort is the port where Tor is binding;
  • torControlPort is the port that you use to connect to Tor and control it.

If you will use Tor Browser, change torPort to 9150 and torControlPort to 9151. Note: in that case the location of the torrc file will be different.

  1. Let run for a while, you will see a few [+] new Tor identity

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