Enumerate domains pointing to given IP address using M$ Bing search api
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Bing FU

Temporarly out of service due to M$ api changes. Work in progress to make azure behave.

Find all domains pointing to given IP using Bing Search API

Simple tool to enumerate all domains pointing to given IP.


  1.  Check single IP or multiple IPs (from a file)
  2.  Remove duplicate domains (-u option)
  3.  Not limited by default max 50 results per query in Bing API
  4.  Free shite!

Installation / requirements

Requires python 2.7 or newer (for argparse to work) and pybing Bing API wrapper:

    pip install -e git+https://github.com/hcliff/pybing.git#egg=pybing
    git clone https://github.com/pielgrzym/bingfu.git bingfu
    cd bingfu
    echo "<your bing api key>" > .apikey
    ./bingfu.py -h

To get the API key you have to take this ring and throw it into the volcano, errr, wrong readme. Just follow this link: https://ssl.bing.com/webmaster/developers/createapp.aspx


    usage: bingfu [-h] (-i xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx | -f filename) [-o outfile] [-a] [-u] [-s]

    List domains pointing to given IPs

    optional arguments:
    -h, --help            show this help message and exit
    -i xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx, --ip xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
                            IP to check
    -f filename, --file filename
                            File with IPs
    -o outfile, --output outfile
                            Output file
    -a, --append-output   Append to output file instead of overwriting
    -u, --unique-output   Show only main domains and filter out duplicates
    -s, --alphabetical-order
                            Alphabetical order of domains
    -e, --print-errors    Print errors


    python bingfu.py -i
    > https://github.com/
    > https://github.com/twitter/bootstrap

    python bingfu.py -i -u
    > https://github.com/
    python bingfu.py -i -u -o my_pentest.txt
    > same as above but results put in my_pentest.txt instead of screen

    python bingfu.py -f my_happy_victims.txt -u -s
    > #
    > http://aaaa.com
    > http://bbbb.com
    > #
    > http://example4.com
    > #
    > http://google-dns-is-evil.va


GNU General Public License v2