CtrlP extension to manage your vim sessions
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CtrlPSessions - manage your sessions

What is it?

This simple extension for CtrlP enables the following:

  • global dir to store vim session files
  • CtrlPSessions command to source a session from abovementioned dir
  • MkS command to save or create a new session to abovementioned dir


With pathogen:

  • git submodule add https://github.com/pielgrzym/ctrlp-sessions.git bundle/ctrlp-sessions
  • add sessions to g:ctrlp_extensions - if you haven't got any other extensions just add let g:ctrlp_extensions = ['sessions'] to your .vimrc
  • map something to :CtrlPSessions and optionally to :MkS


  • CtrlPSessions - shows a list of files in your session directory; choosing a file and hitting enter will execute :wall and source chosen session replacing all currently open buffers
  • MkS - if a session is already opened it will just overwrite it's file like :mks! <path to session files> would do, otherwise it will ask for session name and create a session file in g:ctrlp_session_dir


g:ctrlp_session_dir - directory relative to user $HOME dir that will hold the session files. Default value is: .vimsessions, which points to ~/.vimsessions.


  • works only on Linux (hardcoded ls usage, sorry Windoze)
  • expects all the files in the session directory to be session files not dirs
  • no docs