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Django Test Utils


Project at very early stage.


This humble piece of code provides a helper class FormTestCase to automate django's ModelForm testing. You just need to specify the view (as if you would specify it for reverse() function), model form class and data. Rest of stuff - submitting, logging in and comparing is done by the class. Class can be used with ModelForms that combine fields of two models - only thing to do is to specify submodel_fields from the assertModelEquals method.

Usage example

Special class FormTestCase for testing ModelForms. Usage is pretty straight-forward:

For MyModel, MyModelAdminForm and named-url 'create_new_mymodel' we can create a test case:

    class MyModelFormTest(FormTestCase):
        form = MyModelAdminForm
        urlname = 'create_new_mymodel'

        fixtures = [

        def test_form(self):
            post_data = {
                    'name' : 'Test name',
                    'slug' : 'test-slug',
                    'created': '12-03-2011'
            exclude_fields = [ 'useless_id', 'somefield' ]
            self.assertModelEquals(post_data, exclude_fields=exclude_fields)

Above test will:

  • perform usual TestCase stuff - init db, load fixtures
  • create auth.User account with pk=1 and is_superuser=True and set it a password
  • login django.test.Client via @login decorator
  • send post_data to a given urlname via test client
  • check if model fields correspond to post data, omitting fields given in exclude_fields

This is not full functionality example - more coming soon.