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PIE Experiments

PIE Demo Day - Oct 24, 2014

First Kiss

First Kiss is an online atlas of first kisses being developed at Cairn Labs by PIE solo-founder Kris Wallsmith. When it launches later this year you will be able to add your first kiss to the map and listen to the stories of other first kisses around you. Discover the world in a new and interesting way.

Join the mailing list at to be notified as the launch approaches.


WANT aims to transform the way that youth consume information by providing a fresh, teen oriented take on the news and a launching board for teen journalistic careers.

W.A.N.T. transforms the way that youth consume information by becoming the first news, entertainment, and sports website for teens by teens. W.A.N.T. aggregates content from teens around the world on the topics that matter to them, giving teen journalists a global creative platform and providing targeted access to this key demographic for advertisers. W.A.N.T. isHuffington Post, meets VOX, meets, meets Pandora, meets Instagram. W.A.N.T. — the world’s high school newspaper.

Welcome to WANT


Our team is small. Grace, Annie, and Sydney. Three 16 year old girls with an insane love for news and an obsession with being in the loop. We are young, passionate, and excited and will doing anything to make our dreams for WANT a reality.

Follow us on twitter: @WANT_TeenNews
Follow us on instagram: @want_teen_news



What XOBXOB is About

Friendly Smart Things.

Imagine. Your home knows when you’ve had a bad day. When you return, the lights are on and the fire is burning. And, maybe, your favorite drink is mixed and waiting. This reality is still in the future, but with the explosion of the Internet of Things, it’s closer than you might imagine.

Right now, the thing about the Internet of Things, is that it’s a lot of things connecting with other things. XOBXOB is working on connecting things with you to create personal and responsive experiences.


Robert Gallup
Twitter: @robertgallup
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