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Custom GUI and Zshell for Mac OSX and macOS 10.12.*, 10.11.*, and 10.10.*

Tutorials and Posts:

Added Functions

To update your zshell config after it has been edited, and to add a custom commit message to it just type:

$ zpush

To edit your .zshrc file with your favorite editor simply type:

$ ze

Te edit your .zsh-theme and customize it willie nillie type:

$ zt

To refresh and reload zshell with your new configurations type:

$ zload

To move into the Git Repository that holds your custom zshell code type:

$ zconf

To go begin adding custom settings and go into the custom setting prompt simply type:

$ customsettings

To view a train endlessly type:

$ train

To make it snow inside of your terminal type:

$ snow

note: editing files assumes emacs. This may change at a later date.


You must change the $REPO_PATH variable to point to your github repository!


  • htop (brew install)
  • cask (brew install)

Need Additional GUI Customization:

For 10.12 you need to manually disable SIP to change icons

You need to restart your mac, boot into recovery mode, then open terminal and run: csrutil enable --without fs

It is reccomended that, after you change your icons, you boot your mac back into recovery mode, then open terminal and run csrutil enable

  • liteicon (brew cask install)
  • cdock (customize your dock)
  • flavours (this is the only portion you may have to pay for... )
  • white minimal icons (this same artist has many other great icon sets. Additio
  • Classic Mac icons (I'm actively looking to source this) nal icons are included in the icons folder.)

With All Programs Installed:

With the included ruby scripts the terminal prompt will look like this, with a battery and itunes indicator:

custom prompt

The Themes can be customized other than this, but this is what your mac could look like.

windows and terminal windows the dock windows

Author: Caleb Adams

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