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Milestone Project 02 Data Visualisation
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Milestone Project 02 Data Visualisation

Project Brief

CREATE A DATA DASHBOARD Build a data dashboard that visualizes a dataset of your choice Your data can be stored locally (e.g., in a js file) or sourced from an API Visualise your data using D3.js and dc.js


This is my second project created in Code Institute Diploma in Full Stack Development. This is reponsive data dashboard displaying data for the Six Nations rugby championship for the past 5 seasons. You can select either a season or a team to display the relevant data on screen. Data for this project i used from the Rugby Six Nations official website ( The full database was downloaded as csv file.

The Dashboard enables the user to do the following Filter by Season Filter by Team Outputs Top Players for each team Outputs Final Table Positions for each team Outputs Captains for each team Outputs Wins, Losses & Draws for each team Outputs Top Points Scorers for each team Outputs the number of Grand Slams for each team Outputs the number of Triple Crowns for each team Outputs the number of players used in each squad

It is also possible to visit the official website of each team by clicking on the links in the navbar.

Live Demo

I deployed my project on gitPages and it can be viewed at


Python Flask is used as the framework for this app. Within the static directory, a sub-directory lib contains both a css and js directory. This contains the 3rd party css and js files.


The 3rd party css/js is linked within index.html in addition to the graph.js file which creates the graphs and a custom css file for dashboard styling. Bootstrap is used for the navigation bar at the top.


*D3.js renders charts in svg which are then passed into the html divs *DC.js is used as a wrapper for D3 charts *Crossfilter.js is what allows the charts to be modified live by drilling down into the dataset. *queue.js is an asynchronous helper library to ensure data is available from the api before it is processed. *keen.js is a dashboard template library. *Bootstrap.js is used in conjunction with keen.js to layout the dashboard *The graph.js file was created to take the data from, filter it with crossfilter, then chart it with a combination of D3 and DS. *Crossfilter is used to create dimensions that allow selection of data across charts enabling real time drill down of data. *intro.js file is used to attach popup boxes to the graphs to provide more detail information.


Custom css file is used to style the navbar, button, div layout and the colour palette, responsive rotating charts depending on screen size. A 3rd party introjs.css styles the popup boxes for the charts. DC.css styles the charts and keen-dashboard the dashboard layouts.


1 Tested on different devices and screen sizes. I tested responsiveness in Internet explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and a developer app called Blisk. 2 Validating the data 3 Testing cross-filtering 4 Validating buttons and filters


My Mentor Chris Zielinski


Stackoverflow Github Slack Bootstrap

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