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h2. Twisted Gallery Server
-An experiment with MySQL stored procedures, Python and Twisted Networking.
+An experiment with MySQL stored procedures, Python and Twisted Networking. This is a content server that manages items in a hierarchical
+tree which can be traversed/edited in a semi-restful manner.
+It does not render the gallery, but instead returns XML for rendering as you wish.
+Example URL's are
+* /category/0 The top level category
+* /collection/1 A collection of items
+* /item/3 An item in a collection
+* /item/3/50X50 If the item is an image then you can set the desired resolution of the returned image in the url
+The system does have updating by POST requests - documentation for this will follow.
Needs at least MySQL 5.
@@ -12,7 +24,7 @@ h2. Preliminary Instructions (very basic and raw, might actually be wrong)
# Import the sample images using the ruby script
# Setup your config file correctly
# Start your server 'twistd -y'
-# Look at
+# Look at http://localhost:<port>/category/0 to see the top level category, and then try some other url's
@@ -1,10 +1,10 @@
-host: localhost
-user: root
+host: <database host>
+user: <database user>
password: <put password here>
database: <put database name here>
socket: <put database socket here>
-gallery_root: <put your server root here>
-port: 3366
+gallery_root: <server root here - the local file location to store the images - gallery server user needs write permission for here>
+port: <port goes here>

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