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run npm install to install the dependencies

How to Use

Typically you are going to want to use grunt server for day to day development. For more detailed information look at the /grunt folder.


grunt - This will run the default grunt task. In this case it will jshint and build the dev vesion of the sass.

grunt clean - Cleans (removes) the built files.

grunt test - This will run the testing tasks. This includes linting and eventually unit tests when they exist.

grunt connect:dev - This will start the static file server for the development. You can also pass :dist to start server for the dist folder.

grunt server - This will start a static files server, open http://localhost:9000, and run the watch task.

grunt build - This will run the production build without pushing it to the gh-pages branch. It will clean the branch, run the test, build the sass, uglify the javascript, and copy the files to the /dist folder.


grunt deploy - This step will run the grunt build task and the grunt gh-pages task to push the site to the GitHub Pages branch (gh-pages).

Coding Guidelines