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Temporal Gaussian Mixture Layer for Videos

This repository contains the code for our ICML 2019 paper:

AJ Piergiovanni and Michael S. Ryoo
"Temporal Gaussian Mixture Layer for Videos"
in ICML 2019

If you find the code useful for your research, please cite our paper:

          title={Temporal Gaussian Mixture Layer for Videos},
          booktitle={International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML)},
          author={AJ Piergiovanni and Michael S. Ryoo},

Temporal Gaussian Mixture Layer

The core of our approach, the Temporal Gaussian Mixture (TGM) Layer can be found in


Multiple (M) temporal Gaussian distributions are learned, and they are combined with the learned soft attention weights to form the C temporal convolution filters. L is the temporal length of the filter.


The kernels are applied to each input channel, Cin, and a 1x1 convolution is applied to combine the Cin input channels for each output channel, Cout.

Activity Detection Experiments

model overview

To run our pre-trained models:

python -mode joint -dataset multithumos -train False -rgb_model_file models/multithumos/rgb_baseline -flow_model_file models/multithumos/flow_baseline

We tested our models on the MultiTHUMOS, Charades, and MLB-YouTube datasets. We provide our trained models in the models directory.



Method mAP (%)
Two-Stream + LSTM [1] 9.6
Sigurdsson et al. [1] 12.1
I3D [2] baseline 17.22
I3D + 3 temporal conv. 17.5
I3D + LSTM 18.1
I3D + Fixed temporal pyramid 18.2
I3D + Super-events [4] 19.41
I3D + 3 TGMs 20.6
I3D + Super-events [4] + 3 TGMs 21.8


Method mAP (%)
Two-Stream [3] 27.6
Two-Stream + LSTM [3] 28.1
Multi-LSTM [3] 29.6
I3D [2] baseline 29.7
I3D + LSTM 29.9
I3D + 3 temporal conv. 24.4
I3D + Fixed Temporal Pyramid 31.2
I3D + Super-events [4] 36.4
I3D + 3 TGMs 44.3
I3D + Super-events [4] + 3 TGMs 46.4


Method mAP (%)
I3D [2] baseline 34.2
I3D + LSTM 39.4
I3D + Super-events [4] 39.1
I3D + 3 TGMs 40.1
I3D + Super-events [4] + 3 TGMs 47.1


Method mAP with IoU=0.5
R-C3D 28.9
SSN 29.1
TAL-Net [4] 42.8
I3D 43.5
I3D + Super-events 47.8
I3D + 1 TGM 45.2
I3D + 3 TGMs 53.5
I3D + 3 TGMs + Super-events 57.0

Example Results


The temporal regions classified as various basketball activities from a basketball game video in MultiTHUMOS. Our TMG layers greatly improve performance.



Our code has been tested on Ubuntu 14.04 and 16.04 using python 2.7, PyTorch version 0.3.1 with a Titan X GPU.


  1. Download the code git clone

  2. Extract features from your dataset. See Pytorch-I3D for our code to extract I3D features.

  3. contains the code to train and evaluate models.


[1] G. A. Sigurdsson, S. Divvala, A. Farhadi, and A. Gupta. Asynchronous temporal fields for action recognition. In Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), 2017

[2] J. Carreira and A. Zisserman. Quo vadis, action recognition? A new model and the kinetics dataset. In Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), 2017.

[3] S. Yeung, O. Russakovsky, N. Jin, M. Andriluka, G. Mori, and L. Fei-Fei. Every moment counts: Dense detailed labeling of actions in complex videos. International Journal of Computer Vision (IJCV), pages 1–15, 2015

[4] A. Piergiovanni and M. S. Ryoo. Learning latent super-events to detect multiple activities in videos. In Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), 2018 arxiv code


Code for our ICML 2019 paper "Temporal Gaussian Mixture Layer for Videos"






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