Source code of Snappy Frog, a libgdx game that has been ported to the Desktop, Android, iOS, OUYA and the Amazon Fire
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Snappy Frog

This is the source code of Snappy Frog, a libgdx game for the Desktop, Android, iOS, OUYA and Amazon Fire. It's also playable on a web browser.

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The game came out as a personal challenge to create a flappy bird like game within 3 weeks of work and to bring it to as many platforms as possible, without using any commercial software. All 8-bit graphics have been created from scratch using GIMP. All audio effects have been recorded using femitracker. The code is written in Java and uses libgdx, an open-source game engine. The port to iOS was done using RoboVM.

To play online visit:

Compiling the sources

To compile the sources you will need to follow the instructions provided in the libgdx documentation:


This software is distributed under the Apache License 2.0:

Admob, libgdx and all other dependencies are distributed under their respective licenses and are owned by their respective owners.