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Bumps [word-wrap]( from 1.2.3 to 1.2.4.
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- [Commits](jonschlinkert/word-wrap@1.2.3...1.2.4)

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LZ-based compression algorithm for JavaScript

Warning (migrating from version 1.3.4 - nov 2014)

Files have changed locations and name since a recent release. The new release file is in libs/lz-string.min.js (or in libs/lz-string.js if you don't care for the minified version)

Sorry about the mess in other repos. This will not happen again.

Note on server side

If you are using one of the ports of lz-string to decode on the server what was encoded in the browser, you might want to use version 1.3.7 as the version 1.3.8 introduced a slight change in the encoding. While the JS versions are completely cross-compatible, the PHP, Go, ... versions might not be as forgiving.

Install via npm

$ npm install -g lz-string
$ lz-string input.js > output.txt

Home page

Home page for this program with examples, documentation and a live demo:

Other languages

This lib has numerous ports to other languages, for server side processing, mostly. Here they are: