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Releases: pieroxy/lz-string

Fix for IE6&7

25 May 21:13
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Removed the use of the bracket notation for accessing chars in a string.

amd loaders code and typescript support

26 Apr 19:17
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Prepare version 1.4.3

Bugfix in decompressFromEncodedURIComponent

25 Mar 08:34
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On the server side, '+' characters are replaced by ' ' (whitespace) and the resulting string cannot be decompressed.

The fix is ugly but it works and is 100% compatible with old versions.

Uses arrays instead of strings when building the output

23 Mar 10:11
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This ends up being slightly slower on some combinations of OS/Browser, but the process consumes far less memory, and the strings produced as well consumes much less memory.

Rewrite of wrappers functions to use the compression method directly

19 Feb 21:02
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This avoids calling compress and then re-encoding the results in UTF-16, base64 or URIEncoded string.

As a result:

  • The compress method is slightly slower.
  • The compressToUTF16, compressToBase64 and compressToEncodedURIComponent are slightly faster (in theory).
  • Binary compatibility for decompression is still there. This means any String compressed with an old version of the library can be decompressed by this version, and any String compressed by version 1.4.0 can be decompressed by an older version.
  • Binary compatibility for compression is not guaranteed, meaning the output from this version may be different than the output produced by an older version. This is trailing characters that are useless that are now omitted.

The jsperf (Please take them to add more results and help me prove my theory):

NOTE: Releasing this as the performaces seems good except for base64 and uri component on IE. Those don(t take too big of a hit and are designed to send the compressed data to the network (usually internet which is orders of magnitude slower than the compression algo). So I'm going with it.

Fix in decompressFromUint8Array

18 Feb 07:35
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Prepare v1.3.9

Performance optimizations

15 Feb 19:14
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Prepared v1.3.8

Updated bower.json file

16 Jan 15:42
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Update lz-string.js

Bugfix on compressToEncodedURIComponent

16 Jan 11:08
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Create bower.json

Ability to compress directly into a URI encoded string

30 Nov 09:51
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Added two new methods:

compressToEncodedURIComponent: compress into a string that is already URI encoded

decompressFromEncodedURIComponent: the associated decompress method