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RTE éCO2mix tools

Various simple tools to play with the RTE éco2mix data : a set of publicly available tables about the French electricty market, provided by the French Transmission system operator (TSO) RTE.

Original data source [FR] : RTE's website

About the data

Data is available as 15 minutes averages. The richness of the content increases over time :

  • starting June 24th, 2000, consumption + D-1 forecast is available
  • starting July 8th, 2010, production data is also available (detailed by production means : nuclear, hydro, wind, ...)

Note : RTE does't guarantee this data to be accurate. It is provided for "informative" purpose only.

Note2 : starting December 2012, RTE moved to "éCO2mix v2" file format, described in "specifications_fichiers_eco2mix_V2.pdf" [FR]


Tools available in this "package" :

  • download data files from RTE's website
  • analyze the content of those files, because they are not homogenous

Analysis examples

located in the dedicated subdirectory analysis_examples

  • plots the weekly consumption average over the 2000 - 2012 period. It also finds the consumption records over this period.

  • plots the electricity production mix (that is, the amount of power generated by each technology) over the 2010 - 2012 period
  • plots the Load Duration Curve for France, over the 2001-2011 period.


These simple software tools are freely available under a standard BSD license.

Pierre Haessig -- 2012