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§ 2018.11.
+ method map-index and mat-with-index
- method map-cell removed
! renamed dotProduct -> dot-product and tensorProduct -> tensor-product
! constructors reject now empty matrices
! 2 unconventional submatrix variants receive now optional named arguments and can be combined
§ 2018.10.23
* accept list of list as input for new
+ added method minor, that computes well a Minor
+ added method adjugated, computes the derived matrix called adjugate (classical adjoint)
+ added method elem that returns true if all matrix values are within a set
+ added Range converter method
! prefix + aka numeric now returns Euclidean norm
! submatrix(Int, Int, Int, Int) is now submatix (Range, Range) and accepts also *
= improving docs of derived matrices
§ 2018.9.13
* redone .gist allows now complex numbers and scientific notation
+ added method .AT-POS for $matrix[1][2] syntax
+ added converter to hash context
* cell-type can now be Bool and FatRat
* cell-type changed into narrowest-cell-type and widest-cell-type
* making width and height of the table gist display optional arguments
- fixed prefix % and @ ops
= crosslinking doc headers
§ 2018.8.20
+ added MM operator as shortcut for
+ added constructor that takes a string
! .Str outputs now same format that constructor takes
- removed .full
+ added splice-rows and splice-columns replacing prepend-*, append-* and planned insert-* and delete-*
+ added own methods for .list (flat) and .Array context
+ added proper .gist for type object (like all types have) showing (Math::Matrix)
+ new property cell-type return widest cell type
= refreshed doc synopsis and description, improved docs overall
& added .appveyor.yml file: win CI support to github project
§ 2018.3.26
+ add methods: add-row, add-column, multiply-row, multiply-column, map-row, map-column
+ add methods move-row, move-column, swap-rows, swap-columns,
prepend-vertically, append-vertically, prepend-horizontally, append-horizontally
+ add method elem to check if any cell is equal to value or in a range
+ new property: antisymmetric
= new category: list like ops
x submatrix with 2 Int parameter works now as expected
x accessor column becomes faster
= move docs into Matrix.pod
= added docs
§ 2018.3.20
+ added method: tensorProduct, alias infix op x, unicode alias ⊗
+ added method: conjugated, is-self-adjoint, is-unitary, is-positive-semidefinite
- more property setting optimization in constructors
- new category for methods: structural ops
- 2018.3.18
- added methods: elems, list-rows and list-columns, full
- documented, but forgot to implement: commutative + and - op
- limit gist for optimal shell output
- change norm names rowsum => row-sum, columnsum => column-sum
- added docs, operator got own section
- started changelog
§ 2018.3.15
+ added methods: reduce-rows and reduce-columns,
= added and clarified docs
§ 2018.3.14
! accessors column and row now return consistently lists (like diagonal)
* expanded power of submatrix accessor
+ added ops: |.| as alias for determinant, and prefix - as alias for negated
! renamed apply method to map
! renamed negate method to negated (consistency, transposed and inverted)
= added and clarified docs
+ new (added) feature
- removed feature
* enhanced feature
/ reduced feature
x bug fiX
! API change
& project infrastructure
= documentation