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Scripts for TheHive.
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qradar2thehive python script was created to use TheHive as an incident response platform for the IBM QRadar SIEM. I made it as simple as possible so that everyone could adapt it to their needs. It requires a little configuration. All the details are described in the comments of the script. Any improvement is welcome. Many thanks to The Hive project team for their outstanding work:


You need:

  • TheHive4py
  • TheHive API key
  • QRadar API key
  • TheHive instance URL
  • QRadar IP address
  • A local file to save last QRadar Offense ID
  • Create custom fields on TheHive with the same internal reference and the same type as the script

Use cron to automate the execution of the script. Sample:

*/1 * * * * /usr/bin/python3 /path/to/


A little script to update a large number of cases. You have to configure the range of cases id you want to update and of course the attributes you want to modifiy. I use the script to close a large number of cases when i have false positive from QRadar. If you want to update a small number of cases you can get samples from TheHive-Project here.

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