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#Compromise pattern

In some projects, we don't model a complex business domain. We just need some few classes to represent some simple concepts. In those cases, we can do a compromise on the Oriented Object Programing : merge domain model and persistent model into a single class. In order to map directly data from database into the domain model, we expose its internal state through public properties.

For purist, this compromise is not a long term solution. It depends on the size of the application. Don't systematize this kind of approach, use it sparingly. You need to know its advantages/disadvantages before to use it.


  • Simplification of the persistent layer.
  • Single model for modeling the domain and the persistent aspects.


  • Internal states are mutable and can be modified from outside of the domain model, without evaluating business rules in object methods.
  • Our domain model is coupled to the database structure and corrupted.
  • Object Relational Mapping tools are corrupting the domain model with metadata or syntax requirement, that are needed to persist it.

##Conclusion Be careful.