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#State interface:

When your domain is complex, you want to be able to model it without any technical constraints. To do that, you can separate your domain models, containing the business logic, from your persistent models, containing data with persistence constraints (data type, format, orm metadata, ...).

At a moment you need to convert a domain model to a persistence model, and vis versa. Regarding the encapsulation level of your domain models, you can't easily copy external data to its internal states.

The state-interface pattern let you copy these information through an interface that is implemented in both domain model and persistent model and contains shared data.

The copy can be implemented with .net reflection.


  • Domain model keep its full encapsulation and is not corrupted.
  • Separation of concerns between domain model and persistent model.
  • Object Relational Mapping metadata are implemented in the persistent model.


  • An interface should define a behaviour. Use it to hold shared data between domain model and persistent model is not very clean.
  • The explicit implementation of the interface, in the domain model, add plumbing code near the business rules.

##Conclusion State-interface is a good pattern to separate domain model and persistent model and to keep a pure domain modeling.