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This is the Atomsk package.

Atomsk stands for Atom/Molecule/Material Software Kit.

Atomsk is a command-line program meant to manipulate
atomic systems, and convert from and to various file formats.

If you downloaded the binary version:
Open a terminal in current directory and run: "sudo".

If you downloaded the source code:
Enter the src directory and type "make atomsk".

To access the documentation, open the file
"doc/index.html" in your web browser.

README          This file
LICENSE         The GNU General Public License v.3
CHANGELOG       Modification history
doc/            Documentation of the program (html)
etc/            Sample configuration file
examples/       Examples to test the program
man/            Man page of the program
src/            Source code of the program (Fortran95)
tools/          Companion programs and scripts      Bash script to install Atomsk in GNU/Linux

(C) P. Hirel 2010
This program is distributed under the GNU/GPL
(General Public License) version 3 or any later version.
A copy of this license can be found in the file LICENSE
that is provided with this program, or on the Web at: