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This is the Atomsk package.

Atomsk stands for Atom/Molecule/Material Software Kit.

Atomsk is a command-line program meant to manipulate
atomic systems for materials sciences.
Atomsk can convert from and to various file formats, and
offers options to duplicate atomic systems, introduce
defects, construct crystals and polycrystals, and more.

If you downloaded the binary version:
Open a terminal in current directory and run: "sudo".

If you downloaded the source code:
Enter the src directory and type "make atomsk".

To access the documentation, open the file
"doc/index.html" in your web browser.

README          This file
LICENSE         The GNU General Public License v.3
CHANGELOG       Modification history
doc/            Documentation of the program (html)
etc/            Sample configuration file
examples/       Examples to test the program
man/            Man page of the program
src/            Source code of the program (Fortran95)
tools/          Companion programs and scripts      Bash script to install Atomsk in GNU/Linux

(C) Pierre Hirel 2010
This program is distributed under the GNU/GPL
(General Public License) version 3 or any later version.
A copy of this license can be found in the file LICENSE
that is provided with this program, or on the Web at: