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MapKit with open data in Swift

Requires Swift 1.2 (XCode 6.3) !

This project demonstrates some MapKit features with Swift. It displays french département borders, extracted from a public database converted to GeoJSON.

Data come from IGN (open licence) at:

I used ogr2ogr software to convert them from Shapefile format to JSON.

ogr2ogr -f GeoJSON -t_srs crs:84 -simplify 100 departements-100.geojson DEPARTEMENT.shp

The -simplify 100 option allows to reduce the precision to 100 meters and to reduce the data size from 8 to 2 MBytes. The aim is mainly to reduce load time.

You can change tiles used to render the map: in FrenchMapViewController.swift:

var useAlternatesTiles = true      // Apple vs alternate tile server
private let template:String = "{z}/{x}/{y}.png";

There is an article in french at :