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Ideas of services that would facilitate my life, if I have time, one day, I'll develop some. Feel free to develop one also ;) (Or tell me that it already exists :) )


  • HouseScrap : a better website to find a flat
  • Patissier : provision my RasPis in a standart and reproducible way
  • GPS Overlayer : feed this ruby script with a GPS path in kml/kmz, and get a kmz with a Ground Overlay from Google/OSM
  • My recipes : open source my cooking recipe - done
  • SAUGCDN : Social Aware User Generated Content Distribution Network, an attempt to solve the challenge of p2p social network. A federation of RasPi running proxies for social/private content with builtin backup of data/service. Providing Social Network as a basic Infrastructure. Read this article : "I believe that future social platforms will behave more like infrastructure" ESCAPE THE CLOUD! related : thesis and thesis
  • MailChess: work on a static html/javascript page served by GitHub to play chess by mail (with ChessJS)
  • Add/setup hooks with HabitRPG with huggin (Pivotal/GitHub/StackExchange/DuoLingo/Quora)
  • Live fact checking (business model, sell API to Info Stream medias)
  • Mobile app to avoid evil twin attack (checks your wifi ssid against your GPS location) like here
  • Comment app for static sites by email, put a link to email under your blog post, receive an email, and digest it from jmap in browser

Information Management

With years, the number of social network/source/techonology to spread information had greatly increased. All of this for the same thing! Information you want to daily digest.

I need a system to get back to the roots, plus some nice features.


Aggregate information feed

  • EMail
  • Facebook
  • Rss
  • Twitter
  • G+
  • GitHub
  • Text Messages
  • Real Life - No more "send me a mail to remind me", nor "sent a mail to self"
  • ... - My social graph in general


  • By Importance, Like in Gmail Priority Inbox :
    • Important : personnal email from a friend, email in facebook, issue in GitHub, DM in twitter
    • Mentionned : facebook ping, twitter @, cc in email
    • Broadcast news : rss feed, facebook post, mailing list
  • By author : I usually follow the same people on different network, the following will become one news
    • a rss item
    • a tweet
    • a facebook post
  • By News : When there is a news, I want to know it one time. People I follow will comment on this news. And the more comment, the hotter the news is
  • All comments/<3/like/+1... will be agregated also to see trends, and give news a hierarchy
  • EveryThing will be :
    • Commentable : if I comment, it will comment on all the network where I follow this news
    • Likeable : same as commentable
    • Sharable : It will detect the category, and share it to a group of people that would have interest on this kind of subject (IT/Politics/Environment for instance) (people could tell me on which medium they prefer to receive news updates from me)
    • Searchable : I need to conserve/be able to search all the news I read.
    • Procrastinable : Sometimes, I don't have time to deal with the information on the moment, so I should be able to procrastinate it. It would be either a "Consult Later" or "add it to the todo list"

ToDo list will be always on top of the application

Consult it Later

For some information, I would like to consult it later. Like a long article, a long video, a book recommended by a friend, a cd to listen, a movie/serie to watch.

So basically :

  • shopping
  • text
  • audio
  • video

And for each kind, a strategy.


During the week-end, I would like to relax, and read what I dind't have time to read. But not on a screen. Develop an application that will print my read it later list to paper.

Utlimately, each article would have a QRcode, when I scan it with my phone, I would be able to comment/like/share.


Imagine an application, that detects the category of the video, and the lenght, so you can turn on your media center and ask 10minutes of inspiring video from your watch it later list! (or from your friend feed if your watch it later is empty) (Inspired by ted system)


"THE BEER-WARE LICENSE" (Revision 42): Pierre Ozoux wrote this file. As long as you retain this notice you can do whatever you want with this stuff. If we meet some day, and you think this stuff is worth it, you can buy me a beer in return Pierre Ozoux


Ideas of services that would facilitate my life, if I have time, one day, I'll develop some. Feel free to develop one also ;)



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