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  • [COOK-3030]: The repo_source attribute should allow you to not add any additional repositories to your node


  • [COOK-2738]: move nginx::passenger attributes to nginx/attributes/passenger.rb



  • [COOK-2409]: update nginx::source recipe for new runit_service resource
  • [COOK-2877]: update nginx cookbook test-kitchen support to 1.0 (alpha)


  • [COOK-1976]: nginx source should be able to configure binary path
  • [COOK-2622]: nginx: add upstart support
  • [COOK-2725]: add "configtest" subcommand in initscript


  • [COOK-2398]: nginx_site definition cannot be used to manage the default site
  • [COOK-2493]: Resources in nginx::source recipe always use 1.2.6 version, even overriding version attribute
  • [COOK-2531]: Remove usage of non-existant attribute "description" for apt_repository
  • [COOK-2665]: nginx::source install with custom sbin_path breaks ohai data


  • [COOK-2183] - Install nginx package from nginxyum repo
  • [COOK-2311] - headers-more should be updated to the latest version
  • [COOK-2455] - Support sendfile option (nginx.conf)


  • [COOK-1979] - Passenger module requires curl-dev(el)
  • [COOK-2219] - Support proxy_read_timeout (in nginx.conf)
  • [COOK-2220] - Support client_max_body_size (in nginx.conf)
  • [COOK-2280] - Allow custom timing of nginx_site's reload notification
  • [COOK-2304] - nginx cookbook should install 1.2.6 not 1.2.3 for source installs
  • [COOK-2309] - checksums for geoip files need to be updated in nginx
  • [COOK-2310] - Checksum in the nginx::upload_progress recipe is not correct
  • [COOK-2314] - nginx::passenger: Install the latest version of passenger
  • [COOK-2327] - nginx: passenger recipe should find ruby via Ohai
  • [COOK-2328] - nginx: Update mime.types file to the latest
  • [COOK-2329] - nginx: Update naxsi rules to the current


  • [COOK-1752] - Add headers more module to the nginx cookbook
  • [COOK-2209] - nginx source recipe should create web user before creating directories
  • [COOK-2221] - make nginx::source compatible with gentoo
  • [COOK-2267] - add version for runit recommends


  • [COOK-2168] - specify package name as an attribute


  • [COOK-1766] - Nginx Source Recipe Rebuilding Source at Every Run
  • [COOK-1910] - Add IPv6 module
  • [COOK-1966] - nginx cookbook should let you set gzip_vary and gzip_buffers in nginx.conf
  • [COOK-1969]- - nginx::passenger module not included due to use of symbolized :nginx_configure_flags
  • [COOK-1971] - Template passenger.conf.erb configures key passenger_max_pool_size 2 times
  • [COOK-1972] - nginx::source compile_nginx_source reports success in spite of failed compilation
  • [COOK-1975] - nginx::passenger requires rake gem
  • [COOK-1979] - Passenger module requires curl-dev(el)
  • [COOK-2080] - Restart nginx on source compilation


  • [COOK-1263] - Nginx log (and possibly other) directory creations should be recursive
  • [COOK-1515] - move creation of node['nginx']['dir'] out of commons.rb
  • [COOK-1523] - nginx http_geoip_module requires libtoolize
  • [COOK-1524] - nginx checksums are md5
  • [COOK-1641] - add "use", "multi_accept" and "worker_rlimit_nofile" to nginx cookbook
  • [COOK-1683] - Nginx fails Windows nodes just by being required in metadata
  • [COOK-1735] - Support Amazon Linux in nginx::source recipe
  • [COOK-1753] - Add ability for nginx::passenger recipe to configure more Passenger global settings
  • [COOK-1754] - Allow group to be set in nginx.conf file
  • [COOK-1770] - nginx cookbook fails on servers that don't have a "cpu" attribute
  • [COOK-1781] - Use 'sv' to reload nginx when using runit
  • [COOK-1789] - stop depending on bluepill, runit and yum. they are not required by nginx cookbook
  • [COOK-1791] - add name attribute to metadata
  • [COOK-1837] - nginx::passenger doesn't work on debian family
  • [COOK-1956] - update naxsi version due to incompatibility with newer nginx


  • [COOK-1636] - relax the version constraint on ohai


  • [COOK-913] - defaults for gzip cause warning on service restart
  • [COOK-1020] - duplicate MIME type
  • [COOK-1269] - add passenger module support through new recipe
  • [COOK-1306] - increment nginx version to 1.2 (now 1.2.3)
  • [COOK-1316] - default site should not always be enabled
  • [COOK-1417] - resolve errors preventing build from source
  • [COOK-1483] - source prefix attribute has no effect
  • [COOK-1484] - source relies on /etc/sysconfig
  • [COOK-1511] - add support for naxsi module
  • [COOK-1525] - nginx source is downloaded every time
  • [COOK-1526] - nginx_site does not remove sites
  • [COOK-1527] - add http_echo_module recipe


Erroneous cookbook upload due to timeout.

Version #'s are cheap.


  • [COOK-1280] - Improve RHEL family support and fix ohai_plugins recipe bug
  • [COOK-1194] - allow installation method via attribute
  • [COOK-458] - fix duplicate nginx processes


  • [COOK-1211] - include the default attributes explicitly so version is available.


Attribute Change: node['nginx']['url'] -> node['nginx']['source']['url']; see the

  • [COOK-1115] - daemonize when using init script
  • [COOK-477] - module compilation support in nginx::source


  • [COOK-1126] - source version bump to 1.0.14


  • [COOK-1053] - Add :url attribute to nginx cookbook


  • [COOK-818] - add "application/json" per RFC.
  • [COOK-870] - bluepill init style support
  • [COOK-957] - Compress application/javascript.
  • [COOK-981] - Add reload support to NGINX service


  • [COOK-809] - attribute to disable access logging
  • [COOK-772] - update nginx download source location